Restless nights

With sweat and restless sleep and yearnings for almond magnum/icy cold pokka green tea in the middle of the night.

The nights are hot but not of the raunchy kind. Rather, characterized by tossing and turning in bed wishing that the bed is filled with ice-cubes instead.

And tis will last till April? The last we read, the government here said this is not a sign of global warming.

What the *&%^.


2 thoughts on “Restless nights

  1. Same here.. every night, it’s tossing and turning even though I have BOTH the fan and aircon at full-blast (while The Husband shivers under the quilt in his pullover!!!)

    Today, I tried something different. I kept the windows, door and curtains in the bedroom closed at dawn to keep the cool morning air in; and have them opened at night for some fresh air. I reckoned we’ll just have to see if it works tonight.

  2. ya lah.. panas kan.
    the thing abt hot weather makes me drink air sejuk everyday and that ain’t good liao…
    and been eating ice-cream at weird hours of the night. tu lagi merepek…

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