Ode to the Birthday Person

In lieu of his birthday celebrations yesterday, there is one thing I would like to train myself to emulate him, which I still fail miserably at and that is, his concept of time.

He was one person who respected time like no other. Each and every moment of his time was either in worship or doing something good for his family, his neighbours and his charges. He was never late and his time management was said to be on the dot and superb. And I should think better than the Swiss.

He taught us that time, when gone can never come back and each minute is our investment to bring back to the hereafter. Even if that minute was spent stroking a cat or giving a neighbour a smile.

So, ya maulana Muhammad peace be upon you, I hope I can keep training myself to respect time the way you did. And that, I believe– will make a whole lot of difference in my life and the things I want to achieve.


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