The bag

It was midnight and we were at the mamak’s. I had been working on the documents for hours and by half past 11, I decided to call it quits and succumb to my perpetual pangs of insatiable hunger. He had been tutoring a friend’s kid physics and had not taken dinner. So we went for a supper date, my man and I.

While waiting for my roti boom and his Nasi Lemak, over teh ice lychee and his air suam, he announced, ‘I bought you a bag’.

My heart fluttered. Ooooh. My hyperactive mind was racing. Is it the green kate.spade I complimented a buddy who visited for having? Did he just decide to cut the prudence and got me an LV? Did he..

Wait! He said, when he saw my fluttering expression and by that, he knew that my too hyperactive mind was already racing—probably beyond Milan. And then, I immediately got it. It is not what I think it was. Before I went on any further, he reminded me that the last two days he had been at the Green-Conference at Putrajaya, right?Right. And so, the bag– he explained, came from there.

Achso…So it was not the green kate.spade. But it was a ‘green’ bag nonetheless. Green as in environmental friendly garbage bag. HOLD ON MISTER! Did you just get me a garbage bag??!

Err..Yes he did.

Later, as I looked carefully at the tag on the bag, I realised that it is literally really a garbage bag, as in a bag made from garbage! It says that on the tag at the seam of the bag. THIS BAG IS MADE FROM RUBBISH.

It not being a kate.spade aside, I’m impressed with the fact that this bag was made from rubbish. Apparently there is this village in Java, which practices the Eco Village concept. They recycle their rubbish by the tonnes, make them into something reusable and resell those as their village products. They also conduct eco-tourism and other environmentally friendly efforts to run their self-sustained village. And the man behind all these was one of the speakers at the recent Green.Convention@PutraJaya.

Although the Copenhagen summit did not manage to achieve most of its resolutions, it is heartening to see that in the small pockets in some parts of the world, there are people who take it upon their own selves to start taking care of the earth within their own capacity, beginning with themselves.

I would want to go and visit this village sometime this year for the eco-tourism program and probably, buy more garbage bags and start my own fashion statement. Heh.

The Village is called Sukunan. And you can see their efforts here.


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