Going graphics…

In a nutshell, I am a bit too occupied with work this weekend to write more about the rest of the training trip. However, I do want to remember it and the best way I remember things that happened is usually through writing them here. More than anything else, this space is for my own references of the snippets in my life which I do not want to forget, but do not want to keep bulky diaries about it either.

Hence, pictures say a thousand words they say? My in flight read, taken with the fish eye function of our new oly. The read itself I found lame and draggy.

At the 3rd Dojo we trained in at Bintaro, on the 2nd day of training.

Some random shot I took outside the dojo simply because I like the colour contrast between the flower and the deep red earth.

My mister brought down in a session in the final dojo we trained in at Kelapa Gading. The HQ for the school.

Sensei-S teaching…I love watching her teach. So calm and composed but wham! the guys are not spared from her…

With almost no time budgeted for us to go shopping or RnR, I spent my rupiahs on KrispeKreme minis… Surprisingly not as sweet as the KrispeKreme found in MidValley here.

Chocolate flavoured condense milk, which I brought tins back here and been making tea with this delicious thing. Why they don’t export it out, I don’t know.. But next Jakarta trip I will bring back at least 10 tins I swear.


8 thoughts on “Going graphics…

  1. hahha…. I was wandering why “food” shots and then….. the donuts appeared……

    I could imagine the smell of the frangipani. Good shots mate šŸ™‚

    Btw, how’s the benjol?

  2. I gave up on Tony Parsons after my first attempt with him in “My Favourite Wife”. So upset with the way he developed the story…..bleargghh! So he’s banned from my list. hehe..

  3. Pat,
    He’s very cynical, no?
    In one of my life’s ironies, no matter how much I always complain about him, I always end up with getting his latest book. Heh…But this one Starting Over, is very boring lah. Menyesal baca.

  4. OHHHH those donuts are sooo pretty… I just made soem today and tried to ‘decorate them in pandan icing (i dont eat colouring) and they looked terrible…I have to try again and make them pretty as those in hte picture…but the donuts were so good though…

    the flower..Iwas looking and wondering if it was real! it is..and its beautiful against the red earth!! clever girl you ^^

    glad u had fun…

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