On the first evening

The last time I was at Bumbu Desa, this super marvelous Sundanese restaurant was at the Cikini branch in Jakarta Barat, the year before last with a group of friends (sans my mister, who doesn’t really share my passion of ‘menyambal’). It was an awesome night where we ate super spicy, delicious Sundanese food on banana leaves, eating with our fingers dripping with sambal of all colors and hues, laughing and yakking the night away and finally washing it down with my favorite drink of Es Alpukat (avocado smoothie with chocolate sauce swirls).

For this trip, however, after considering several factors namely 1) we were hosted by the husband&wife sensei-s, who, in layman’s term are the principals of the aikido.school we train under 2) we would be staying with them throughout the whole trip hence they took responsibilities over our food and lodging  3) the training schedule sent to us prior to the trip showed that it was going to be jam packed… and so, because of all those, I buried any hopes or intentions of meeting up with any friends there. I also threw away ANY rays of hope of going back to Bumbu Desa far, far away from my mind and heart and forced myself to focus on just training. OF WHICH, was a darn difficult thing to do… like hey come on, a foodie like me in Jakarta??! Where good food are hot and spicy and delicious and kampungan and all come with sambal? Like, come on….

But as the saying goes, when it is intended for you, absolutely nothing can come in between you and your rezeki.

We touched down in Jakarta slightly before 7pm by MAS. Sensei-H and his wife, Sensei-S fetched us from the airport and as the gracious hosts that they were, wanted to take us out for dinner. And so, Sensei-S asked, ” Kalian mau makan apa?”. And of course, as the ‘coy’ guest that I (ehem) was, I told her ” Apa-apa aja lah lah Sensei..”. She then told us that they don’t take red meat, eat only ayam kampung and most of the time, seafood– which is like a perfect arrangement for us actually. Perfect, we told them.

And so Sensei-S began suggesting food places to her husband on where they could take us to. However, when we reached the intended area where there were many restaurants (where, I don’t know but it was an hour’s drive away from the airport), there was a long queue to the carpark and the carpark was really choc-a-block. Both sensei-s were not too keen to wait in line to park and began discussing with each other on alternative places to take us to.

Inside my heart and my mind, I was secretly chanting, “Please suggest Bumbu Desa.. Please suggest Bumbu Desa.. Please suggest Bumbu Desa”. Laws of attraction were upon me that night. Sensei-S suddenly came to a conclusion and told her husband, ” Ya udahhh… ke Bumbu Desa aja lahhh.. Dekatkan dengan rumah kita?” She then turned to me and asked, ” Bumbu Desa mau??” I sheepishly replied, ” Ya ok..”  OK??! Inside my heart I was going “Yahooooo!”  heh. 😛

So our first evening was spent with our Sensei-s at my favourite restaurant (it recently opened a branch in Singapore, Novena by the way), Bumbu Desa. The husband and wife aikido masters and the husband and wife aikido students ‘menyambal’ into the night (except that my mister, who gave the super spicy sambals a pass and took what he could stand only). And yes, I washed it down with Es Alpukat, much to my gastronomic glee.

Sensei-S, choosing from the wide selection of lauk-pauk for us… All spicy Sundanese. And the resto’s motto is ‘Ternyata tetap kampungannn!!!’ -that’s so me. hee 🙂

Like the old folks like to say, ” Kalau rezeki tak ke mana”… kan? 😛


2 thoughts on “On the first evening

  1. If I were you, and if the hosts were to suggest going to an eatery that I am dying to go to…alamak!…I would have done a victory jig and a leap in the air! 😀

    Its like kena lottery what! Hahaha..

    BTW, have you tried the one at Novena? Is it any good?

  2. Pat,
    Yang Novena one I belum try. The last time I saw it was during last year raya and it was under construction and 2 weekends ago when I went back for a day trip, I didn’t go anywhere near town. So I dunno about the Novena one. But they will have one distinct difference tho. The one at Novena will not be using ayam kampung like the original chains in Indo. That is as much as I can tell you.. but please do try!!!

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