As cool as a gurka

Gurka, as I know it– is that breed of stoned looking huge tall guards from Nepal who guard the most important houses and offices back in Singapore. Who don’t fear death and are as cool as cucumbers in the face of emergencies and riots. Coincidently, now I learnt that ‘gurka’ in Swedish is ‘cucumber’.

Hmm. They do have things in common these two definitions of gurkas. One is tall and fearless and cool. The other is long (vegetable version of tall, I suppose), fearless ( vegetables can’t feel fear, I suppose) and cool.

But then again, this still does not answer my question from the husband, of ‘ Why are you learning Swedish, again?’


(err… “Maybe because I gave in to my fetish and impulsively bought a Swedish eurolingua cd instead of a new dress?)

Anyway, I have a vocabulary of 40 Swedish words now, all of it, as you may already have guessed– are all food.


4 thoughts on “As cool as a gurka

  1. Hmmm… why is your hubs saying you are learning Swedish (yet) again? You mean, this is like your 3rd? 4th? 5th? attempt? (O.O)

  2. Pat,
    No.. it means the previous questions to why I was learning Swedish went unanswered, so the question was posed like again.. and again.
    That’s why

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