Describe A Perfect Day

In primary school during English periods, I used to love composition classes. No matter how bad the teacher was. Composition periods were a venue of escapade for me from Maths, something I can never remember loving, not even a tiny fraction of my life. I remembered some time in Primary 6, I had an awesome English teacher and one of the titles she gave us was “Describe A Perfect Day”.

Fast forward decades later, I cannot possibly remember what I wrote in that essay when I was in primary six, but if there is any other day that could have been perfect for me this new year, it has to be yesterday.

I was already at the Subang airport at 7.15 am checking in. My flight was at 8.20 am and this airport is thankfully ten minutes away from home. There was still time for breakfast with the husband–I just had teh tarik halia since it was too early for food for my tummy. Asked him would he like me to bring back anything from Singapore for him? His response of  ‘Just please bring yourself back here ok’ made me chuckle. Put me back in my territory and he knows I can get a tad too comfortable. Heh.

The flight was good. Propeller plane. With the brrbrrbrr sound of the propellers outside when the plane flew. Kinda cool thinking of how this used to be the flight back then. Firefly has good staff and so far I think it is like flying MAS on a smaller, outdated plane. I attempted reading during flight but found myself dozing off instead because I spent the night baking cheesecuppies for one of the friends I was meeting.

It was my first time landing at The Budget Terminal (Nymph, saw your Mister walking there but I was too far and dealing with too full a bladder at the immigration counter to call out for him!) and was happy to see 2 of my favourite ex-colleagues waiting for me. Straight away, I was ushered to Changi Terminal 1 because I have been incessantly complaining about my obsession for nasi rawon breakfast. Y treated me to a full set, complete with sambal sotong, tempeh, bergedil, extra kuah rawon and extra sambal belacan. You know when a druggie is on cold turkey and you give him drugs? That was how I was with my full plate of nasi rawon, just the way I love it. Perfect.

We yakked there for almost two hours, catching up as I have not seen them for almost 5 years. At 12 noon, we took skytrain back to Changi Terminal 2 where I met up with 2 other friends–my fellow teacher trainees from ten years ago, the N & N. The last time I saw them was a good ten years ago, on the day we were posted to schools. Never again after that till yesterday. It was a hilarious reunion, spending 2 hours laughing our heads off in Swensons, where I also discovered that their Chendol Shake is supper yummy. Perfect!

At almost 3 pm, it was time to get ready for what I really came back to the island for. The wedding of two old time friends, who (ok this is going to sound really cheesy but that was the term used back then, hokay??) ‘went steady‘ before we turned 14. That was towards the end of Sec 1, no? We were all in different schools, under the same program and the cresent girl met the raffles boy and almost 20 tumultuous years of relationship later, they FINALLY tied the knot yesterday. So it was a wedding I could not and should not miss, even though if that means flying in and out on the same day!

It was nice looking at them on the dais together. Somehow, when I looked at them, looking really happy that it was finally happening, I couldn’t help but somehow see them as the same teenagers we used to grow up with. Like nothing has changed from the time I saw them as a 14 year old couple back then. Ok, I get sentimental like that. heh. It was also nice seeing some familiar faces of the past, although not many, as the timing did not coincide. But it didn’t matter. I saw some and it was good enough. Lovely wedding. Lovely couple. Perfect.

Then I was driven off back to the airport. My flight back to Subang was at 6.40pm. I didn’t have to check in until 5.40pm so I had a good 30 min to spend at the bookshop in T2, where I bought The Lovely Bones and The Almost Moon for myself and Der Spiegel for the husband. I then took the shuttle to TheBudgetTerminal, checked in, did my ‘jamak’ prayers at the prayer room inside the departure area and then just waited for my time to fly back, trying to catch a ten min power nap in the process.

I slept the whole flight back, missing my refreshment but it didn’t matter as I was so stuffed. I woke up just in time for landing. By then it was 7.45pm. I saw the husband waiting at the arrival gates and we quickly rushed off to the surau, where I prayed, freshened up and got ready for the next event of the night, a wedding at Hilton.

By 8.40pm we reached Hilton and by then my energy level dipped by 20%. Although I didn’t really know the bride and groom, as the groom is a friend of the husband, and the food was not that fantastic, and the ice-cream cake dessert couldn’t beat good ol’ Swenson’s, I really enjoyed the old school live band in their full traditional garb singing classic numbers like ‘Pakai baju kancing dan suasa’, Tanya sama pokok apa sebab goyang.. nanti pokok jawab, angin yang goncang..’ and other P. Ramlee/Saloma songs. And our table was right smack in front of the band. Perfect.

When we got to the car after the wedding, my energy level was no longer in existence. The moment I sat inside the car, I remembered the car going out of the car park and that was it. Nothing else. I think I blacked out. When I woke up, it was already 10 am this morning, my head was on two comfy pillows, the blanket was over me and I’ve changed out of the garment I was in the last time I remembered. Was it all just a dream?

I hope not, because I would love to see my two friends already married, after their 20 long years of courtship. But even if it was a dream (which it wasn’t, I am sure of it cause I am heavier today, and that must be because of what I ate yesterday), it was dream in which everything went on perfectly.


6 thoughts on “Describe A Perfect Day

  1. heh…i used to fall asleep n wake up with no memory just like u……donkys years ago….now I still have no memory and then no sleep……heh…

    aawww…..congratulations to ur friends…sweeet…! were ‘going steady’…..what do they call that now? OMG… im aging! too fast…!!

  2. Hahaha… yes I remember those “describe-a-perfect-day” type of compostitions. Having read this post, it struck me that…y’know…those kind of essays, almost always kinda ends with “…I was completely knackered, but it was no less a perfect day.”

    Many years later, your “perfect day” is no different…hehehe. Glad you enjoyed your day. 🙂

  3. Zurin,
    ‘Go steady’ sounds so cheesy lah. Even back then only the mats and minahs ( wait, I am a minah, but I never use ‘go steady’ ahaks) use it.
    And this no memory and no sleep makes you a zombie, no?

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