I know I like IKEA. And I like Abba. And Ace of Base. And oh, the DAIM cake. And salmon cream. When I was not off red meat previously, I like meatballs in cream sauce as well.

But today, (I think) I was sucked into the world of fetish-ism. Instead of buying an outfit and a new pair of shoes I set out to buy for today’s shopping trip (which is another way of passing time as my guests took the house keys with them to KL and I couldn’t go home till they do), I bought euro.lingua Learn Swedish Beginners series, for Rm 89. Without getting a new outfit.

Like, what the hell?!


10 thoughts on “Fetish

  1. You chose language over splurging on clothes and shoes?!! Waaa…. the man in the house sure tersengih-sengih macam kerang busuk, in his sleep….hahahaha!!


  2. I love IKEA.. I just can’t get enough of IKEA.. I love the food at IKEA… I love the meatballs at IKEA.. I love the stuff at IKEA..

    Huur Mor Duur and Yaag Mor Bra are the only two phrases I know in Swedish.. (I don’t know how they are spelt cos I learnt them verbally)..

    In short.. IKEA rules!!! Hahaha!

    Kinda wondering why people in the US look down on IKEA..

  3. Mr Lobo,
    I have a Swedish fetish. I wonder if IKEA is not Swedish, I would love it as much as keke. But IKEA’s a genius. Any place with DAIM cake as good tat theirs is a genius

  4. What about Roxette? Do u like roxette? My favourite band when I was 12 years old! And is the IKEA in malaysia very much different from the one in SG? we were already at the curve and i wanted to go ikea and ikano but the husband flatly REFUSED. He was very grumpy abt it coz he said ” datang jauh-jauh nak pergi IKEA??!!!”


  5. Roxette I somehow associate it more with the movie Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere– somehow, not anything with Swedish because.. ehem–with Richard Gere around, who needs the Swedes?! 😛

    The most important difference between IKEA SG and MY is that the MY one sells halal meatballs. But now there’s Fika Cafe in SG so the attraction won’t be towards the meatballs, I presume…

  6. i :heart: IKEA! love their nifty n innovative designs. their stuff may not last forever, but for their prices, it won’t be that painful to discard anyway.

    i took this ‘fetish’ all the way to SWEDEN when i psycho-ed my kakis to visit the country back in spring ’06. we cajoled the husbands to going into one of their many IKEA stores just outside Stockholm. bought a little ‘ghost’ lamp for souvenir. keje gila eh?

    ps. i baru borong kat IKEA (again) smlm!

  7. Nymph,
    I just came back from IKEA. I have been trying to convince the husband to move to Sweden for the last 2 years ! LOL.
    Typical response: We’ll see. Not a bad idea but we’ll see. Maybe one day and not now.
    So I still do have some hope that one of my fantasies of ‘working’ in IKEA’s biggest store in Sweden will one day be materialized. Heh

  8. I think im getting old…I mean really old ..even IKEA doenst excite me like it used to….same old things everytime! but one thing im going to get there s the cast iron pot…a beauty… n cheap compared to Isetan…oh and the tajin or is it tanjin!? anyway…..going to get that cast iron pot……..soon….

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