Truly, I cannot stand Meredith.

What do I get, really, from watching Grey’s Anatomy back to back on the dvd? Vegged out on the couch with pringles and sometimes mars bars, do I really gain anything from watching a group of loony, sex crazy group of surgeons which ranges from desperate interns to a lesbian couple to the hospital chief with issues? Other than pimples and a wider waistline, no thanks to the pringles and chocolate bars, did I learn anything else?

Actually I do.

I learnt quite a bit of medical terms. There’s a situation of Addison’s brother getting parasites in the brain called ‘neurocysticercosis‘. That’s a bit mouthful, but now after I’ve googled the term, I read that parasites can go into your brains and in laymen’s term they are called brain worms. I also learnt what’s orthopedic, ophthalmology and podiatry. Well, they appear too many times in the dialog and my itchy fingers can’t help googling to find out their meanings. Before this, a hospital is just a hospital and a doctor is just a doctor. And an operation means a doctor will cut you in a hospital. Keep it simple, aye?

There are a thing or two I learnt from the Christina Yang character. She’s focused, driven and able to draw the line between emotions and professionalism. She works really hard, typical of an East-Asian personality and would not stop short at being good. She insist on being great. That’s something I can learn from, about not resting my laurels even if I’ve achieved something I set out to achieve.

My favorite quote from her, ” Good? I don’t wanna be good. I want to be great!!”

The other character I like is Miranda Bailey. She reminds me of my friend here. Small, assertive, aggressive but with a good heart and very efficient. And I like her punch lines and had this character been a teacher, she would be perfect as the discipline mistress.

From her, I learnt that there’s time to be everything. There’s a time to be assertive, there’s a time to bend the rules, there’s a time to be strict and there’s a time to be compassionate. There are also times when one has to crush one’s ego and listen to his/her students (like she did with her interns) because one will never be the ‘know-it-all’.

And so.

Wait a minute. It’s almost midnight and what am I doing writing about what I learnt from watching a tv series? That’s like primary school composition. It’s guilt I tell ya. I’ve spent way too much time in front of the telly the last few days, one dvd after another. Like a cocaine addict getting his fix.

p.s About the title, truly, I really cannot stand the Meredith Grey character. The one the series is named after. But that deserves another entry altogether, for a woman with that much issues. And I love the Mark Sloan-Callie Torres friendship. So unlike but so real.


2 thoughts on “Truly, I cannot stand Meredith.

  1. Hmmmm….i dont follow this series…..

    but I always say “no matter how bad (uninteresting/badly writen, silly) a book is there will always be something to be learnt because you cant know it all”

    also so that i dont hit myself after spending money on a ‘bad’ book!

    same goes to tv programs I guess! 🙂

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