Just do it, lah.

With my grocery bags and purse in hand, I stood in front of the Metro Driving School near our place and continued standing there for a moment. I could feel the palpitation building, slowly but surely. I tried to force myself to take a step in but it didn’t happen. Alas, I gave up and walked away.

That was this morning.

There is a list of phobia listed in the phobia index of most psychological association. Some are as absurd as ‘ablutophobia’ i.e the phobia of washing or bathing (I would rather call it the SKS- ‘Severe Kopet Syndrome’), or the phobia of hair which is called ‘Chaetophobia’ or Gallophobia— the fear of France or French culture (!?!?!?! seriously?). The list is long but I cannot find mine– the phobia of driving.

I told myself that this will be the year that phobia will soon end. Because simply, I am beginning to feel that I really need to drive here because of my involvement in some projects. I’m also training 3 times a week now for aikido and sometimes with the husband stuck at the office and the cab company being a super b*t*h, I miss training just like that. I am also running my own translation firm on my own here with my partner doing it in Singapore and I need to meet clients to get projects and send/collect invoices. Most importantly, calling for cabs here can sometimes be a very ‘cekik darah‘ experience. All those factors make driving a very crucial and time saving asset– which I don’t have.

Maybe tomorrow I should stand outside the driving school longer by ten minutes. And on Thursday another ten minutes more. That will have to go on and on until I finally have the courage to walk in.


10 thoughts on “Just do it, lah.

  1. There are other factors to the phobia and they are known as ‘Malaysian drivers’ and ‘Mat Rempits’ or ‘Makcik Motor Kapchai’.
    How to be on the road with all these species lahhh.. aiyahhh tsk tsk

  2. awwww…….but that said…i do wonder if driving is ‘time saving’…think about parking…looking for parking…trafic jams…looking for parking..traffic jams…. i dont know….in Kl its madness…

    but its good to learn to drive n know that u can in case of emergencies…..go for it.

  3. You can do it!!!
    p.s – most cabbies are stubborn SOBs… I only use them when absolutely necessary, and even then, have to be prepared to fork out 10 times what the meter shows…

  4. Thanks!
    So far kan, I always insist on meters lah otherwise I won’t take. And I always call for the cabs so if I call direct from the company, automatically use meter…
    But ya, trying to get a cab can sometimes be a %@&@ here

  5. with those damn taxi meters never on, get that license already!

    but then again, “Never teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and it annoys the pig.”


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