Below basics

I was munching the nasi goreng belacan, teh tarik by the side and TheStar newspaper right in front of me at the eatery yesterday morning, with the news of the Haiti quake sprawling in visibility. While it did tug at the heartstrings that here I am, munching yummy nasi goreng for breakfast and frothy teh tarik– in comfort, while this people are homeless and half a million more are unaccountable for, I cannot help but remember the most recent encounter, very much more closer to home and equally,( if not more) heart-wrenching.

The previous Wednesday, my mate here, ‘Senah‘ alerted me to the new orphanage that has just opened a few doors away from her house. We both decided to check it out and since it is newly opened, we wanted to see if we could help with anything at all.

Everything in there is below basic, at least based on my own childhood. Since the orphanage is new, furnitures are much to be yearned for. The kids in there, about 12 of them and a single mother whom the home rescued, sleep on just ‘tikar’. The only visible furniture in the corner lot terrace is the sofa on which we sat on. The children prayed on just cloth, there are no carpets, no cupboards. Basically, that was all that they have–other than themselves and the wardens. The single mother in there has been given a project i.e to sell kuih outside the home.

Ok, here’s the deal. My childhood was not in the lap of luxury, and so I thought. BUT, being there on Wednesday and to see what I saw, I must concur that my childhood is by and large far more luxurious than what I saw. I never once had to sleep on thin mat and even had my own beds throughout my life. Books were and still are aplenty for me and easy access to education churned me out to be who I am today. I had good meals, parents and a large extended family. Things which these kids whom we saw could only dream of.

I can’t write about this anymore. If anyone reading about this wants to go and see the orphanage for yourself and see what you can contribute and help out with ( they need basic furnitures and most importantly, mattresses, pinggan mangkuk, sejadah, carpets, cupboards AND A WHITEBOARD), kindly email me at percicilan at g mail dot com and I will furnish you with the address of the orphanage, the warden’s phone numbers and name.

As the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said:

أنا وكافلُ اليَـتيمِ في الجَنَّةِ هكذا (وأشار بإصبعيه السبابة والوسطى)

I And The Person Who Brings Up An Orphan Will Be Like This In Heavens;  And He Put His Index And Middle Finger Together.


Come, let’s give them a hand shall we?


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