Exactly a week

Today marks the 7th day Tito had gone missing.
I wonder how she is.
Is she keeping well?
Is she being fed?
Is she taken care of?
Is she even alive still in the first place?


6 thoughts on “Exactly a week

  1. cats do come back. some times it takes time. be patient…im sure she’ll come home a little scruffy but safe n well. 🙂

  2. Pecicilan,
    If Tito still alive she’ll return. Long time ago, my mother beloved cat, Che’ Puan went missing for ten days. She was all dirty, fatigued and dehydrated when she returned. My mother burst into tears when saw Che’ Puan wobbly walked thorough our kitchen door. Hopefully Tito is on her way back to you.

  3. i’ve slated yuki for his booster jab just before the long cny weekend, just so i’ll be home to nurse him as he recovers. yep, that’s how pampered my cat is.

    i can’t ever imagine if one day i leave yuki as he lazes outside the door and then find him missing. i’d be hysterical!

  4. nymph,
    i think if you neuter him kan, he won’t merayau rayau. now Tito is a female cat, memang tak merayau pun sebab the males came to get her here. she’s not spayed so we takut dia kena kidnap and used as a ‘baka’ material for pet shops, you know 😦

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