All things vintage

We are in Taiping for a short holiday over the long weekend. And the long and short of it is that, we don’t have any cameras with us- our trusty Oly is still kaput and we have not gotten around to get a new one. And there goes photography on all things quaint and vintage.

We were here a couple of years ago as one of the pit stops of our around the peninsular road trip and my memories of it has always been about superbly awesome food at dirt cheap prices, super friendly people with funny accents (loghat utara) and the serene Lake Garden where the Sepi film was set. And of course, the Night Safari which I didn’t quite enjoy-but that’s bias because I’m from SG and the Night Safari there is awesome.

This time round, all that we have managed to do is fill in the gastronomical void. Granted that we only reached here in the evening yesterday. We had a whole table of food at PrinceEdwardCafe for like Rm 12.50!!???

I couldn’t help but exclaimed and was told by the mister to shut up, otherwise the next time we come, they would charge us more. 2 years ago, at the same cafe, glutton foodie me also ordered a tableful of food and we paid a mere Rm 11.80.



2 thoughts on “All things vintage

  1. Yes Ana,
    For wickedly good food and dirt cheap prices, I don’t mind doing Taiping all over again. I even fantasised buying a house near Lake Gardens hehe.

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