Of food and the year ahead

The Iranians are said to celebrate their new year, Nauruz, by eating fish. Because it symbolizes progress and forward movement for the year ahead (since fish only move forward and are very focused on moving just forward). If what we eat at the break of dawn of the new year is defining of what our year ahead would be like, I think mine should be a sweet colourful one, with some zing injected into it and rich too. Because after 2010 was ushered in, I had Bandung Special at the mamak near our house. It was colourful pink, with rich vanilla ice-cream, sweet and mixed with a can of 100 plus for that tanginess on the tongue. That’s not a bad deal at all. 🙂

Last night at almost midnight, we climbed to the rooftop of our friend’s nearby condo where we could see the whole of Damansara and as far off as towards KL and on the other side, Shah Alam. It was awesome. Most of her neighbours did likewise and we waited for the first few fireworks and shouted Happy New Year!!! and oohed and aahhed at the fireworks, which personally, I think TheCurve won hands down. OneUtama’s one was nice as well, but too short, probably due to the slashed budget.

Next we went in 2 cars to Restoran Makbul, they had tosai and teh tarik (and I wonder if they would have an Indianish year ahead). After which we went home and slept in the wee hours of the new year.

Just so that I can remember, that was how I drew the curtain to 2009 and welcomed 2010. With good friends and awesome fireworks and Bandung Special from the mamak shop.


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