Wolff Hunting


I am looking for 2nd hand books by Isabel Wolff. The only one I managed to find here (as in here in PJ or KL) is A Vintage Affair and I am done reading it.

If you are anywhere out there (anyone) who knows where I get hold of the rest of her titles and who:

1) wants to sell me your pre-loved copy

2) knows where to get it in your area and want to send me some and I pay you via paypal (pre-loved or new)

3) wants to give me a new year present ( LOL ) and don’t know what to get me,

Please email me at percicilan dot g mail dot com

I would really, really appreciate it. Because she makes me feel good and I want a feel good start to the year. 🙂

And with that, have a really good and blessed year ahead for 2010!


2 thoughts on “Wolff Hunting

  1. Hi, have read all her books courtesy of National Library (Spore). Read Vintage Affair only last month. You might want to try Katie Fforde…

  2. Hi Mas,
    I just got back from Kino. I give up lah. They also have only Vintage Affair. But I got myself a bag of other books so that would last me till a quarter of this year before I try to hunt Wolff again.

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