My geography of bliss

You know, I discovered that chic lits and a steaming bowl of spicy maggi mee have something in common. They both give me that feel good sensation, especially when it is raining hard outside and the most sensible thing to do is to curl up in one corner of the sofa and let the day go by.

Chic lit is also like cotton candy at a funfair. Where it is a must have or the picture of you going to a funfair full of rides and clowns won’t be complete. Or a cup of steaming hot tea after a tiring day. Basically, it is a genre of comfort food. Definitely not a staple. No matter how delicious spicy maggi mee is, I won’t be crazy enough to have it everyday. Or cotton candy makes the perfect picture at the funfair, and it somehow tastes delicious within that ground, but out of it, I won’t actually include it in the grocery list. Or tea  can never replace good old fashion plain water, you get what I mean?

I had actually started on Orhan Pamuk- My Name is Red, sometime on Monday before Christmas and after a few pages, I went bahhh!!! My brain’s too fried into the holiday mood-end-of-the-year-merry making to be reading someone as complex as Pamuk. I need some light candy to snack on and so chic lit it has to be. I started yesterday with ‘She woke up married’ from the Little Black Dress Series, very witty and light and hilariously funny. I started it yesterday at CoffeeBean&TeaLeaf over log cake and latte and ended it just now while the rain pelted hard down our zinc roof, curled up unceremoniously at one corner of the bed.

Image taken from HarperCollinsPublisher

One of my best mates recommended Isabel Wolff and all they got at MPH yesterday was A Vintage Affair, which I got for myself for the last few days of the year.

I’ve worked hard this 2009. There were many things which I targeted for at this time last year for the year 2009 which I’ve managed to achieved. Losing weight was one of them and I managed to shed off 5 kg the whole of this year. It was hard work and required a lot of sacrifices from a foodie yours truly, but I did it. And I went to translating school, came out with distinctions and license. Within 2 weeks of my results, started a translating firm with  a childhood friend (the one who recommended me Isabel Wolff ). We translated a book which gave us the first nightmarish experience into this new industry we are dabbling in right now– which was a harrowing sleep depriving experience. My students scored distinctions or at least a grade higher in school and one even came up top student for Special Needs class, and I 95% successfully followed the BloodTypeDiet- which led to my losing the 5 kg in the first place.

So through the challenging 2009, it was definitely a lot of struggle, hits and misses. But it was also a year of perseverance and I must say, a lot of hard work and stretching myself to the fullest. But sitting down with dark chocolate ice latte, a caramel log cake and a chic lit in hand, all those seem so far away and I can sit in contentment, within my own geography of bliss and quietly say to myself, it has been a good year.

And for that, I deserve some time off to read no-brainer, floozy pink chic lits.


4 thoughts on “My geography of bliss

  1. LOL i read my name is red too and I found it quite intriguing… was there that I came to fall in love(went completely crazy) wth gilded and miniature art. so much that I went to the islamic museum in KL to look at some(the display was a dissapointment)….then I saw an advert on miniature art in the papers for sale somewhere in a far corner of Ampang and went there…they are truly beautiful and completely unaffordable!

    I can see now why he went into such detail about it in the book .

    That book gave me such a rich glimpse into the lives n culture n minds of these people….things which I would prob never have learnt otherwise….it was a slow looooong read though just like the book m reading now…Wolf Hall…..exasperating at the beginning but once past half the plot gets more exciting. I got his other book too..The black Book’ but I did nt finish that.

    Wow 5 kilos! thats a lot girl. congrats…after a long hard year u deserve some time off with chic lits, maggi mees or just doing nothing. :)))Congrats on ur success wth ur students too! excellent teacher :))))

  2. Zurin,
    Alamak, Pamuk is a slooowww read eh?
    Ok I shall start in January lah like that. Nanti I tell you what I feel about it.
    And oh, 5 kilos is just 1/4 of what I put on when I moved here. I gained a hefty 20. I got 15 more to lose!!!

  3. Percicilan,
    My heartiest congratulations on your achievements. It’s a wonderful and bubbly feeling, yes?
    I haven’t read any of OP’s books yet. I have, Snow on the bookshelves, but I usually pick up the books to read by their magnetized field. Anyway, I’d just finished this book, Abou and the Angel Cohen. It was hillarious. Into the fourth page I started to laugh (and not chuckle). Unless you are not easily offended by many things, I think you’ll find this book interesting.
    Have a prosperous new year.

  4. Ana!
    It has been a long time since 🙂
    I shall look for the Abou book. Laughter’s always the best medicine…
    Have a wonderful new year too!!!

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