Tis a season to review

Last year we had to plan for Christmas because the mother-in-law celebrated it with us here. She gave me potted plants with beautiful flowers, but under the care of my neon pink fingers (in oppose to the husband’s green), they all died within two months. We took her for Christmas dinner at TheCurve, and then watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua on Christmas eve. On Christmas day itself we took her for Christmas lunch at GoboChitChat @ Traders Hotel after which, The Christmas Carol play at KLPac. She was lark happy.

But this year she’s celebrating it with her family in her village in O/ber.ursel so that means both of us are pretty much free with nothing lined up at all, which means a long weekend break to rest and get ready for the coming of 2010. She emailed to say she got me some children’s books tis Christmas for me to practice my reading and mastery of her language and it dawned upon me that alamak, I didn’t get her anything at all. Should I just ‘make dunno?’ Maybe I should…heh.

Truth be told, I am horrendously hopeless at being a ‘menantu mithali’. Should that be on my New Year’s Resolution? Maybe it should. It’s about time… (But I will still ‘make dunno’ over her Christmas present this year. Blame it on the bad economy, no?) 😛


2 thoughts on “Tis a season to review

  1. beleive me its hard to be a mak mertua too. and all those jokes about MIL have elements of truth in them…..so as a DIL and ongoing MIL I have experirences of both…..Both are hard work. That is if you want to be good at them…it takes a lot of wisdom but a lot of cooperation n understanding from your sig other too. unless u have an angel for a MIL of course wh is what I try to be to my SIL …I have a lovely SIL so half my problem solved…the rest they say is wisdom.:)))

  2. OOoohh I must learn from you.. heh.
    I guess this whole cliche about MIL is especially so about MIL&DIL. Most MIL I know don’t really have issues with their SIL. But when it comes to DIL, ha kau! LOL

    Anyway, on that note, my MIL is a lovely person. Just that we are so very different, in every single sense of the word… like sambal cili padi and sauerkraut, you know? 😛

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