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The husband wanted to take the LRT to KLCC today instead of driving, in his attempt to reduce the carbon footprints. I disagreed, because I’ve been toiling for quite a bit and the last thing I needed was a train ride into KL and back. Not after a sturdy wooden jewelery box fell right on top of my head while I was spring cleaning my wardrobe in the morning–which caused me to see little birdies fluttering all around my head before I kind of zonked out for a little while. Very much like cartoon, I know but it happened. And to have a bump on the head and travel to KL on train, is a big no-no, carbon footprints saving or not.

So I didn’t go, while he did and reduced some carbon footprints for Mother Earth. While I am all for green technology and saving the earth for the future generation and all those greenish holy stuffs, I somehow feel that the results of the Copenhagen summit is somewhat expected, and that although the issue is crucial, it is difficult- if not impossible altogether, for the whole world to come into conclusive agreement on the best possible way to save the environment. If at ground level, it is already difficult for two people like myself and the husband who love each other to bits to even agree on what to throw, what to keep, what to recycle, when to take the car, which green products to use and yada yada yada, there should be no surprise over the dissatisfaction over the Copenhagen outcome, no?

But will there be any hope at all?

There might be, if by the impact of the latest movie Avatar. It showed there that we need to create more awareness for those who are unaware, and more practice by those who are already aware (but lazy to implement, like yours truly). We watched Avatar and loved it to bits, for its impressive graphics and also the way it brings out the environmental theme to the kids in a more chewable form in comparison to Al Gore’s The Inconvenient Truth.

This new Muharram year, I have yet to try and make any resolutions. But I bought  2 canvas bags for my shopping. They both come in funky colours which I love to bits and can be folded into a neat pouch so that I can carry them snugly in my handbag all the time and use them as and when I need to buy something (but refuse the plastic bag that comes along with my purchase). So far I have been grocery shopping with those, which has cut down the used plastic collection in my kitchen by about 15 in the last two weeks. Tiny steps, no doubt but must at least start somewhere, right?


11 thoughts on “AlGorismic Avatar

  1. So in 3D, must wear those glasses is it? My husband wanted to watch in 3D but they didnt have it at the cinema near our place.

  2. Ah ah must wear those goggle like things, which may be quite irritating but the effect is good! 🙂
    My first 3D movie was Bolt and I found the goggles irritating as it slipped of my face a few times..

  3. … and i love ur writing to bits. cracks me up!

    i agree the use of canvas shopping bags is certainly good..

    but.. but.. but i *need* to collect those small plastic bags to throw out yuki’s shmelly poO..!

  4. you got to watch it in 3D! we love Avatar too..3D version of it is surreal and totally immersive.

    i think the Copenhagen summit didnt work as each nation is too concerned with its own domestic issues. US with too much debts, developing nation like China with economic building. until a whole lot of the world’s population change our lifestyle (like not supporting cheap, disposable made in china non green products) and are more willing to pay more to subsidise the green efforts..maybe it’ll work..

  5. btw, i watched avatar 3D by putting the 3D glasses over my own spectacles! some parts i had to take it off and rub my eyes..but we’ll want to do it again!

  6. Ya Is, you are right, each nation has its own interest to safeguard.. Green issues are really difficult to tackle at ground level, what more at a global level. For example, we want to keep changing out mobiles, computers, buy things from supermarkets etc which all contribute to more global waste. But we still want it kan? Because we are humans who will never be satisfied, altho we know it is wrong…

    I argued with my husband that a Green Pact can only be successful if every member of the world do the Mormon… heh.. 😛 like everyone becomes zuhud to the max, stop the war, eliminate consumerism and industrialisation–ONLY then we can get down to saving the earth. That screams idealistic all over. Because now, even myself–as a person of creature comforts, I take e car or cabs like everywhere, although sometimes feeling guilty over the carbon footprints, I am not willing to sacrifice comforts for ideals, you get what I mean?

    Avatar is fantastic, in 3D is even more fantastic for its graphic effects. I find the environmental message drives through the audience quite strongly… its awesome!

  7. Oh dear ,sorry to hear bout the box on your head.Sad but quite hilarious.. Sorry.. LOL.. Ive seen stars before too..long story.

    aaah yes.. the shopping know … I bought 4 beautiful recylced shopping bags (very large) at bangsar village months ago…2 for my daughter an 2 for me.They were so chic n stylish ..I loved them n so did my daughter too. Some of them had the face of those super skinny models on the whole of one side of the bag and her mane on the other. others were stylishly designed with words and what nots…very very nice…

    Now… if only I can remember to bring them with me each time I go out.

    If anyone had a choice no one would walk on our pavements or under our screeching sun.

  8. Zurin,
    hehe.. you had stars, I had little birds… heh boleh lah tuh..

    I bought mine at the Christmas Market outside Ikano. I like the designs, got it for Rm 10 each and what I like about it is that it comes in a pouch so its not bulky for me to bring it anywhere in my handbag…

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