About the kitchen quandary

I stood there in the aisle of the hypermarket, trying to convince myself  ‘no I’m not cheating.. no I’m not cheating’. And then I grabbed a few packets and hurried away with the trolley with guilt painted all over my face. Then it happened again! In the next aisle, I stood in front of the shelves and timidly reached for 2 boxes, dropped them into the trolley and briskly walked away.

Of course I didn’t steal those things, if that was what you were thinking! I am only a compulsive thief when it comes to time and I steal from deadlines periodically. But no, I am not a hypermarket criminal.

We are celebrating Hari Raya Haji/Hari Raya Qurban/Idu Adha tomorrow with another family, a friend from back home whose husband is out stationed to New Zealand. And she just  gave birth 7 weeks ago and has another 10 year old. Since we’ve been friends for almost 2 decades, we are like family here. So with her and her newborn issues, the task of cooking falls naturally onto yours truly!

BUT, I am soooo tight with time!!! I have deadlines to meet this coming Monday for the book I’m translating and with over a hundred pages more to go, and also other daily documents to translate which range from press conferences to Minister’s speeches, how to sanely plan a Hari Raya menu ?! Hence, I decided to errmm..cheat. There I was, at the hypermarket, reaching out for packets of Brahims premixed spices ( just throw in fish or chicken or whatever you fancy kind ) and premixed butter cakes and brownies from the Nona brand ( just add butter and u are done kind ). So much for wanting to be the Nigella!!! But when the going gets tough, there is no reason to be purists, no?

So tomorrow, the guests will think I cooked for them, when actually, they are eating straight from the boxes. Nasib korang lahh… heh

But oh well, Sandra Lee, that blond celebrity chef of semi-homecooked meals made it so glamourous to cheat with your cooking with her tagline “”Everybody is going to be so impressed”, I really hope that’s what is going to happen tomorrow when I claim fame over work done by the good people of Brahim and Nona.


2 thoughts on “About the kitchen quandary

  1. LOLOLOL….. Selamat Hari Raya ! Because I would feel the exact same way you did I have never cheated. So far. One day perhaps when Im desperate. Altho there have been many a time when I stop to stare at Brahims sauces and meehoon goreng rempah for the raya lunch or whatever. Then I walk away with a big sigh and envying those who are not as stupidly egoistic as I am.

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