… and he said…

Be grateful for hardship & bad people. Obstacles are an essential part of training.-Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido

There are many times when hardship and ‘bad people’ are sent along our my way and more often than not, we I, wince, grumble, despair and whatever else negative reactions there are to be exuded, you name it, I’ve displayed it.

In martial arts, as I’ve grown to understand– is that when the villain comes to attack, that is when our strength and skills will be tested to its fullest. Without them, there won’t be a gauge of how competent we are in the path that we have pursued. And that goes in line with what my faith teaches me, that He won’t test us anymore than we can take and that after each hardship, there are two relieves. Hence hardship and difficult people are all part of our trainings to make us stronger. Just like the concept of villains in martial arts.

Blogs are usually filtered by its writers and on most occasions, only the good stuffs are put forward for others to read. Likewise in this space here, which has been an outlet of sorts for me to detox. As it is, our lives ( mine and my mister’s ) here are not perfect or all that rosy. We have been through some extreme challenges on personal, financial, domestic, studies and career levels. But because our faith forbids us to publicly talk about anything negative ( where the prophet said that if we have nothing good to say, it is better to keep quiet ), this blog here may seem at times, reflects all the nice, rosy and cosy aspects of life that we lead here.

The truth be known, we have met many of life’s ‘villains’ and ‘bad people’ and ‘obstacles’ along the way. Too many in fact. Initially it did get us down to the pits and we fell into the traps that so many people have fallen into i.e painting ourselves as the victims of circumstances. Of late, however through martial arts, we have learnt that is a very lame thing to do. Every opponent is supposed to make us rise to the occasion, not downcast us into meek lambs.

O-sensei Morihei Ueshiba used to train aikido in the forest at night and this was when he was already quite aged. The darkness of the forest at night made it extremely tough for him to see the oncoming opponents, especially if they come from all different directions. That mode of training was extremely tough and not for the faint hearted. But because it was that tough, it made him that good. Worthy of what his title was before he passed away– the O-sensei.

So now that my mister is done with his post grad course, I feel a bit sentimental. I looked back at the obstacles and the hardship we have gone through, the struggles we have had throughout the whole journey and survived it together, I can’t help but realized that it has definitely made our relationship stronger and firmer. By His grace, he  landed himself a cushy job here hence the plan to leave won’t be materialized. Our next chapter will still be here. And as O-sensei pointed out,  I am indeed grateful for all the hardships that we have gone through. Today it was reaffirmed into me that all those were essential parts of my life’s training, and through them, I can only become stronger.


4 thoughts on “… and he said…

  1. So very true indeed. You cannot imagine what I/we have been through. The worst……… or maybe the worst is yet to come? God knows.

    Does that mean you’re not moving out of TT? :))))))

  2. Zurin,
    Indeed… no! I love this neighbourhood to bits, don’t you? It’s walking distance to everywhere and for that, I am truly grateful… 🙂

  3. alhamdullilah for the posting.
    and, the hardships are sometimes blessings. they shape us and make us stronger.

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