Two of a kind

Something which I gobbled up in two days, prior to the catastrophe of having my pc hanged up on me during a downloading session, which in turn destroyed some really important files.

I like that the book was written in the perspectives of different characters in the story and the plot development was seamless. It raised the parenting factor very well, on how far would parents go for the benefit of saving their child’s life while risking the life of another. A real tear-jerker this one. I shouldn’t be reading since I have so much translation to redo, but I couldn’t put it down.

Now I really need to get this book I am translating done so I can read the Time Traveller’s Wife. I hate it that this technological breakdown is costing me the European Film Festival. I am determined to catch at least one, Cherry Blossoms from Germany. At least…

On a different note altogether, I was watching the Rozz and Shan shows on You Tube while translating at the same time last night. I was watching that episode of them interviewing Ris Low. Yes that BOOMZ and now SHINGZ Ris Low. Suddenly, I pity her. Hilarious that her oblivion to all these punishing media hoo-haa may be, I simply wonder. Like… does she even realize that the whole nation is making fun of her?


4 thoughts on “Two of a kind

  1. They are not going to show it here.. so might as well get the DVD if you really want to watch….

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