The father, the son and the sparrow…


6 thoughts on “The father, the son and the sparrow…

  1. Ive heard/read of this story some time back, this exact one. But first time ive seen a clip. what i cannot understand is …Is the father supposed to be senile or just testing his son? if he is senile then how can he remember about the diary, go get it and make his son read it? if he is testing his son…well….heh..its completely irritating..although I don’t condone the yelling of course.

    But i do get the point of the scene and completely agree. Although I hope he was supposed to be senile. 🙂

  2. I think he is just testing? He doesn’t look senile to me. But sometimes, I hate to say this but sometimes, parents ARE irritating ( ok shoot me for honesty, heh I dun intend to be a tanggang tho but there, it’s out 😛 ), altho I love mine to bits. heh 😦 I guess it’s their payback time for the irritation we cause them while we were younger, worse, during the teenage years. So it’s all fair and square IMHO. hehe

  3. They did the Malay version of this ad sometime last year or 2 yrs back. Very touching but then there was a controversy about it not being an original piece and now I know where they get it from.

  4. AAhhh yes thats it…thats where i saw this scene..the malay version on tv ..yes I think it was petronas…I prefer the malay version simply because it seemed more believable….this one is a little extreme in emotions n makes the son look as mad and as irritating as the much so the sympathy that the scene is supposed to evoke in the viewer turns to puzzlement instead. yes yes the Malay version was gentler and much more touching and realistic. For once!

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