Now that I am still into my baking frenzy phase ( much, much appreciated by the dojo mates who are the sole recipients of the products of my baking projects ) I have a nagging question unanswered.

What’s the difference ( other than the prices/packaging/import tax rate ) between French butter/Australian butter/Irish butter/Danish butter/Dutch butter and Italian butter?

Do they serve specific functions for specific recipes? I’ve tried baking cookies with Australian butter ( ScS) and it turned out good. Like how good chocolate chip cookies supposed to taste like. Last night I tried baking a loaf with Irish butter, it was moist but taste wise, it tasted like err, Banana Loaf? Like duh…How am I supposed to know the differing tastes to butters in recipes, if there are any significant differences at all?

Err, help?


3 thoughts on “Trivia

  1. Butter all taste the same to me…to some extent you wouldn’t even know if someone used magarine if you don’t put a butter cake and a magarine cake side by side at one sitting. I always go for the cheapest butter so long its butter…budget reasons mostly..heh

  2. I got this smart alecky response from a friend via fb

    “Irish butter is spiked, Italian butter is made out of Olives (which they secretly buy from the Spaniards), Danish butter is sacrosanct and can only be eaten by non moslems, Aussie butter is home made (cause no decent Aussie pays for something he can do himself next year), French butter is like american butter but without the freedom.”

    Till now I cannot stop laughing. So hilariously merepek!

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