It’s about time

I’ve not read the book but have seen trailers on this movie directed by Brad Pitt. I think it was nice, nothing awesomely fantastic but not too bad either. It did, however, make me want to read the book.

Overall, ( because I didn’t read the book ) I find the plot interesting, especially since it explores the possibility of time travelling quite craftily sans the humor that was Michael J Fox’s Back to the Future. I like the way it explores the husband and wife relationship them and the impossibility of changing any part of the past, no matter how much one tries. It’s like living a life of flashbacks, re-experiencing the past through the subconscious mind and relearning the mistakes from it but knowing it cannot be prevented or corrected because it has already happened.

Speaking of which, if given the chance, would I like to time travel? Sure. If I can change certain things when I travel back in time, that would be even better. Like perhaps, be kinder but firmer to my parents. Waste less time and learn more skills perhaps instead of being too playful and rebelling with lofty out-of-the-box ideals, pursue my path earlier instead of trying to go with the flow. I would have also left that island earlier had I known the bountiful and endless opportunities and limitless doors of experiences waiting for me in this vast, vast world minus the glass ceiling on that tiny island. Oh I think there would be a long list of things I would want to correct, but like the Henry character, I can’t. So all I can draw from my past are the lessons learnt from the mistakes made and appreciate the positive things that came out of it. Other than that, what has passed, is gone forever.

But like Claire and Henry, there are things that I would never ever want changed. Like my family. Like my buddies. Like my husband. I wouldn’t change or correct those for a million years. It’s about time they know that their presence in my life is timeless.

Oh on a different note, today 12 November is the time for 2009 European Film Festival. There are about 15 participating films these year and by the synopsis, all seems awesome. It’s time to catch some.

Before I knock off for the day, I just remembered how I used to ( dramatically so I must admit ) teach my students back in school about the importance of Time. I found that Surah Al Asr’ where HE presented the concept of Time to be very precise, but I couldn’t be telling those to a group of primary school children in a Chinese school. Perhaps if I did, I would be made to ‘spend time’ in ISA detention for preaching in the classroom. So I thought long and hard on how to let the kids see the importance of Time in a graphic way that they will remember for life.

I would always do this near the exam period, for a more dramatic impact heh :P. I gave each of them a piece of pure white paper. Then I asked them to list out all the things that can be done with that white paper, which can produce a positive result/impact. So children being children, they came out with a list of so many ideas like make a card and give it to someone, turn it into paper aeroplane with kind words inside and then shoot the paper aeroplane to your best friends, draw and paint on it and hang it on the wall for soothing effect etc etc. Very good, I told them.

Then the next minute, I told all of them to tear their piece of white paper into pieces. Into tiny pieces. Basically shred and shred them until all they had were scraps of paper. They were puzzled, but the herd mentality they had, they just followed without questions. 😛 After each of them ended up with their shredded mess, I told them that I would give them 10 minutes for them to return me the original piece of white paper that I gave them because it is mine. And I DO NOT want the shredded piece, I want that original piece of white paper back in its original state.

Of course they yelped and yelled that they couldn’t. I mean I knew I am loony, but I never expected them to be able to anyway. Hence that was when I went for the cut in. To drive that message in. I told them that piece of white paper represents TIME. There are so many things they can do with TIME for positive results just like the numerous things they can do with the piece of white paper. I showed them that when they waste time, it is like them shredding the white paper. They can never get that whole piece back. Time is like that, I told them. Once they wasted it, it will never come back and along with it, they waste the potential of doing so many good and positive things that they could have done, had they not wasted time.

Now that I look back in time, I thought, alamak…that was so drama. heh. As if I don’t waste time :P.  If procrastination is a thief of time, then I am a compulsive thief!

On that note, it’s past 1 am and what time is it? It’s TIME to sleep. Guten nach!


4 thoughts on “It’s about time

  1. I have perfected the art of wasting time…see im on the internet, blogging, laughing…all sans paper…lol. you very good teacher..m sure ur students will remember u for that the rest of their lives!

    i have the book…read halfway n then gave up…not quite my kind of book altho m sure I wld have watched the movie esp brad pitt. BUT my son REALLY liked the book. He likes fantasy fiction. I like internal friction kind of fiction. Just goes to show Im wierd.

    if u want to read the book I can lend you mah….:)

  2. Zurin,
    Sure I would like to have a go at it 🙂
    I am now reading My Sister’s Keeper, afterwhich I have The Lost Symbols, and this Spanish translated into English book which I was recommended to… I think in Dec ( that’s next month yikes!) during the English ( haaa haaa ), I shall borrow the book from you 🙂

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