That (English) thing you do

I have never been a fan of floral motifs in fabrics and wallpapers. And laces. I find it so makcik ‘ropol-ropol’… But of course, if done tastefully in the English cottage kinda theme, it can look quite nice ( quite, but still not to my liking ). Hence I was never tempted to do the tea time thingy at WinterWarmers, no matter how many reviews have been said about its quaintness and delicious English inspired food especially the lovely scones, homemade jams, lavendar cheesecakes– the whole works.

But yesterday, a friend who was in a way or another responsible for my achievement in getting my license to translate, wanted to meet for tea there, at WinterWarmers. Her 8 years working in England has Anglonised her tastebuds for all things English, and yes— including the florals and ‘ropol-ropol’ laces. And since WinterWarmers is 5 min from home, I was ok with the idea.

I didn’t eat anything as I was from a lunch gathering but what I had, and the array of things found in the menu made me oblivious to its ‘mak-mak British setting’. I had Rose Ice Latte, and it was lovely. Simply lovely. Like the English Rose πŸ™‚

Rose ice latte

There were things on the menu like an array of scones with homemade jams/mini sandwiches served on multi-tier quaint tea set with errm yes…floral prints.

chocolate carnival afternoon tea And so I have discovered that no matter how I find laces and florals ‘obit’, the food and the service at WinterWarmers will lure me back there. With girlfriends of course, for tete-a-tete while ‘berfeeling’ English tai-tai.


6 thoughts on “That (English) thing you do

  1. LOLOLOL…ai say man/woman so u don’t like my blog banner eh….LOLOL…(U shd have seen my first blog template! I think u pengsan…in the end even I couldnt stand it!..LOL) I wonder if you like pink? You are exactly like my daughter…won’t have anything to do with flowers, pink or anything namby pamby…but yesterday she ajak I shopping at 1 utama to find a cowboy kinda suit for a themed dinner function so I offered her my frilly/ruffled long skirt that I had bought at BRITISH (ahem)India and said she could buy a ruffled white blouse to go with it ..ala Zorro la…surprisingly she did not object until she saw this black stringy vest at Zara. End of skirt/ruffles story. She went for jeans and boots plak…LOLOLOL…oh did I tell u I like flowers and ropol ropol ….ala English and tastefully done la…..but Ive never been to winter warmers tho….too dainty plak for me…takut I mess myself up with crumbs…LOL

  2. Heh.
    Zurin, one of these days we shall do an English at WinterWarmers, no?
    Dah dekat ni. We can PRETEND to be dainty. LOL
    I like HOT pink with black background. Not the floral small pinky thingy it is SO my mother. And yes, she is a makcik ropol.. I get dizzy at her house last time before I left…
    British India now ada banyak baju yang tak beropol lah LOL….so that’s not too bad!

  3. Can u please ask if they plan to open an outlet down here. Otherwise I have to add this to my growing list of must eat while in PJ… sigh… the thought of it alone is making my waist line expand…. aiyoh susah lah…

  4. Alamak, you makcik ropol ropol ah? LOL.
    To be honest, the food damn good but it’s too quaint for a minah like me I feel so crass.
    But if you wanna have that ‘mak mak British’ experience with the florals and laces, come here and I will take you there. Husb won’t go with us. Too English he would say :p

  5. I’m no ropol makcik eh. Please! I just want their yummy food πŸ™‚ So when I’m feeling English I have to go to PJ eh? sigh……

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