When nature calls…

Since I ran out of words ( or inspiration to write rather, with the deadline looming ) let’s take a break with some colours and patterns I took at Pangkor… still amateurish. Hope to get there when I finally have enough for THAT new toy.Dew on leavedewrednwhiteColours on flowersseed in embrace 2P4090425P4090412P4090680P4090497


13 thoughts on “When nature calls…

  1. Beautiful! I like the bird and the crab in the sand. hope you get the new toy soon…im hoping for a new part of the toy wh is what I’m hoping for.:)

  2. “The sun and the moon move along their computed courses. The shrubs and the trees prostrate in adoration”. (Ar Rahman:6)

    Beautiful pics. Can i have permission to save a copy of that picture of the curled up frond? I love ferns.

    And are these pictures a result of using a DSLR?? If so, I think I will go get one.

  3. Rozas.. Sure sis you can no problem at all…and yes they are.
    I wanna learn how to do that hydroculture thing u did… looks really interesting!

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