Why did the chicken….

I am a bit fascinated by something recommended by the husband. Only that the garden in our house is not big enough. But I still think it is awesome, modern, clean and funky. I mean multi-colored ‘reban ayam’ ? It screams cool and organic all over! It gives pescetarianism a run for money with self-reared non gmo/hormone induced/trapped chickens. And free healthy eggs daily!

Think OMLET. Think colorful ‘reban ayam’. I want one too! In pink/purple/red please 😛

Eglu House for Max of 10 chickens

Eglu for a couple of chickens, max 4

Oh, btw.. I learnt something today. In rearing chickens, only 1 cock is needed for 10 hens. There you go. Whoever says 1 man to 4 wives was extreme. Wait till you hear the chicken story :p


9 thoughts on “Why did the chicken….

  1. OMG! how adorable..:) when I get a mansion I ll certainly have this….in the meantime its death row chickens for me ..what to do!

  2. cool! just make sure your cats stay away from the chickens/chicks, ok!

    my late grandma used to have chickens which we reared in the backyard..hehe..love the chicks and chickens..

  3. Is,
    hehe… tak boleh beli dulu lah sebab takde tempat. We need a bigger backyard kalau nak beli. But so cool kan. I wanna the pink and purple Eglu houses… heh, pagi-pagi makan telur fresh… oh so cool! LOL

  4. Pagi pagi makan telur fresh…… Just hope you can tolerate the ruckus they make just to lay ONE egg 🙂

  5. when i was abt 6 and my sis 9, she brought home 6 chicks from her school science garden. i’m talking the yellow, furry kind. we kept them in a cage in the balcony of our flat. needless to say, they stank to high heavens!

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