About simple guilty pleasures

This post is a pick up from Mat Bangkai which was a pick up from AndreaWhatever. About guilty pleasures which, well if they are entirely good and right, we won’t be guilty of it right? I have many guilty pleasures in which I indulge in time and again, but I think the most distinct ones will be these..

1. On a super rainy day like right now, I have maggi mee ( which is banned from my household by my mister, hence the guilt ) with lots and lots of fiery red chilli padi enough to murder the Thai prince at one sip of the soup, break an egg into it and slurp the hot, super spicy, delicious bowl of (msg) laden ( non ) goodness till ‘things’ start to flow out of my eyes and nose and sometimes even my ears. But I would continue slurping. And how did I get away with maggi mee in the house? I make a quick dash to the cafe at the library in front of the house and buy one pathetic packet from the makcik there for Rm 1.20. I would be as gleeful as a … ? ( what’s extremely gleeful ? ). But this will only work in heavy rain AND I am home alone.

2. I walk all around IKEA which is like 5 min away from home and imagine how I would want to furnish our own place. Living in a rented house I go very minimal with the decor inside as I always have the mentality of ‘it’s a rental so why bother’. The longest I’ve spent in IKEA doing that is 4 hours, with breaks in between for another guilty pleasure, that yummilicious DAIM cake. Guilty because it really wastes time to walk around IKEA aimlessly and DAIM cakes’ fat content is enough to make me float like a whale, who needs Noah’s ark.

3. I carry Tito on her two front paws and swing her around, enough to give her a heart attack before she attempts to bite my nose or my lips whichever is accessible to her first. Don’t call SPCA. She’s not that innocent either, by the amount of scratches and torn magazines and books around the house. Ok, so I am guilty of pet terrorism. But it’s payback time, no?

4.  Eat a whole block of Cadbury choc by myself. Not that small bar mind you. One whole block. Usually over a sappy chic lit or Grey’s Anatomy dvd which I bought at the Pasar Malam for Rm 10 per disc. Ok, ok… ciplak is haram. I will try not to buy anymore ( can I kirim anyone instead? I didn’t buy it, you did! I just watch.. heh ) and oh, about that block of Cadbury, guilty of inviting diabetes, but hey, I don’t smoke, I don’t do alcohol, I’m not a druggie and I am certainly not a shopaholic. So what is a Cadbury block all to myself at one go, really 😛

5. Last but not least, I sit at the corner of the room with hot steaming tea in one hand and my thoughts halfway across the globe. I fantasize about being a master sensei of my own dojo in Sweden. Ok here’s how the fantasy works. I am a master sensei of aikido and also a master chef of my own book cafe. So during the day I bake/cook for my own book cafe and teach aikido at night. Why, why Sweden? Well if the fantasy is not fantastic anymore, I can always do the number 2 above but in the biggest IKEA in IKEA’s homeland. Fair enough? 🙂

People say in your 20s you work hard to achieve your dreams. In the 30s, my take would be, just dream lah. No harm right 🙂

So what’s YOUR guilty pleasure? 😛


11 thoughts on “About simple guilty pleasures

  1. LOLOL….number 2 (oh yes!.. but don’t do the DAIM tho), 3 ( I growl at my cat), 4 (are you sure we’re not the same person?))and 5 (i have upgraded myself to fantasizing)…conclusion…your my soul sister…ehmmm…number 1..(.i’m the one who bans the maggi in the house ..but if the hubby buys it and no ones looking… I makan la)


    Gosh, you have a wicked sense of humor.

    Can I just blog here and spill out my guilty pleasure please? Will try not to be long-winded:

    1) I smoke Marlboro Lights behind my husband and only child’s back. When I manage to do that, I look like I am in constant orgasm.

    2) I buy notoriously expansive & overrated handbags.

    3) I buy shoes I don’t wear. Last count I have around 80 pairs.

    4) I alienate people I love in favor of books

    5) I love writing nonsense, when I try to write something clever, my brain hurts.

    *Fuh, lega….*

    p/s: I know smoking is not cool. I don’t have any defence except that I love it to bits. Sigh

  3. Zurin,
    I am sure we are not the same person because I can never pull yummy AND beautiful dishes all at one go. Heh..
    And achso.. you also maggi bandit ah LOL

  4. Elviza!
    Ho ho ho.
    No. 1 tuh you have one up with the Encik Jeffri who plays golf malam malam buta 😛
    But thanks to you I cannot see Malboro light anymore. But babe, alamak… I think I can the same kick with maggi with chilli padi when you have your malboro light LOL

  5. I have so many guilty pleasures… the most recent is that I tell the kids and hubby that I am going to the store… I then sneak off in my mommy mini-van and park in a parking lot near our house and read at least 1-2 chapters of a book (tonight I finally was able to finish my book “Mystic in a Minivan”
    by Kristen White)- which by the way has given me a lot of great enlightening tips on improving myself). I then stop off at the store, grab a gallon of milk, or a loaf of bread (something to bring home to prove that I at least went to the store). It is the only way I can get my reading time in- which relieves so much of my stress.

  6. Eh, you are right actually. Must stop making noise about his night golf.

    *its so gooooddd here, I got to confess my sins!*

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