About Julie ( and her Julia of course )

What happens when it is towards the end of the year where  the students under your care for homeschool/ tuition are just about to be switched off into the school holiday mode, the translation co that you work for is actually co-owned by yourself and a childhood friend who is also the editor, and with you suffering from a serious bout of pms and top it off with you have a husband at home nose deep in his thesis who can also run to the shops in front to pack breakfast/lunch/dinner?

Why! You declare yourself a public holiday on this blissful Monday of course! 😛

For the sake of Julie ( and Julia of course, but I relate more to Julie than Julia so it’s really about her, I think ), today I self-declared myself a public holiday, which to be fair, my pms is a tad bad to be working ( ehem! ) . So I stayed in bed, after the delicious meal of pucuk paku masak lemak, sayur bayam bening and sambal tempoyak which the husband packed from the Kelantanese eatery up front. Under the quilt, weather rainy with angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa, I went on to finish off my last lap of journey with Julie ( and her Julia ).

I bought the book 2 years ago I think at the warehouse sale and it was sitting in our library for the longest time UNTIL, I realized that it has been made into a movie. Hmm. And friends who love food and love to cook have been yelling at me over pm in FB and twitter to go blardy read the book, I relented and then got hooked.

Julie was a bored under stimulated secretary in a government agency whose life was leading to nowhere until, her husband Eric suggested the B word. Yeap. BLOGGING! And she went on the journey through the book Mastering the Art of French Cooking which was written by Julia Child a celebrity chef. So Julie went on a project which involved cooking 524 recipes from the entire book in a year and blogging about it every single day.

She’s all the current woman with the laywomen’s issues. PCOS, dissatisfaction at work, entering the realms of 30s, married but childless, many cats, an oh-so-patient supportive husband who was able to take her neurotic hormonal self –found solace in food blogging and turned celebrity writer through that! There is a Julie in many of us today especially in my generation and let’s just say she is the Bridget Jones of the married fraternity!

A chic lit of sort for the ” food loving, married with no kids but lots of cats” women whom I have as friends ( myself included! ). I love the book. And the way she describe her cooking them French food! Kinda orgasmic if I can put it that way 😛

Now, I have to declare another public holiday when the movie arrives here. Girlfriends, are you ready?


9 thoughts on “About Julie ( and her Julia of course )

  1. ayoh how can u go on about pucu paku and pisang rebus etc??? This just calls for another trip up north. *stop drooling Minah*……..

  2. You come and we go Chawan and then the stall selling super yummeyy pucuk paku. Btw, Chawan same street as ALEXIS!!! After pekena old school food and kopi we troop down to Alexis. Deal?

  3. Hello, I know where Cawan and Alexis are situated. This is so mouth-watering how can I resist. Let me look at my calendar first ok……

  4. Ok set! Oh BTW, my honorable partner cake staying with me in December for 2 weeks. You should come then and we can go makan2 🙂 AND then watch Julie and Julia it should be out here by then heh :))

  5. salam,

    I’ve watched this movie (in UK) and it deserves 5 stars!! Really hooked me from beginning till end..(nak pi toilet mula2 tu pun sampai dah tak terasa dah) and of course terasa sangat lapar sepanjang movie tu. 😀

  6. so shall i watch the movie first or read the book first? hehe..and r we doing the equivalent with javanese recipes? heh

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