About liking old school food

I like to eat at Chawan. And that’s in Bangsar, opposite Bangsar Village mall. The place reeks everything old school. From the spelling of ‘Chawan’, to the menu up to the array of drinks. The setting is not that much different from Ipoh Old Town White Coffee but somehow or the other, I seem to take a liking to Chawan better because they have more varieties to choose from, especially from the long list of old school kopi.

The week before last when my parents were here, we took them to Chawan. Mum discovered a gem in the form of mee hoon rebus. I’ve never tried that before till she did and we tasted some from her bowl and it was yummy. CIMG0696

Basically it was really good ol mee rebus gravy eaten with bee hoon instead of the normal egg noodles. Mum gave 2 thumbs up. She’s a fantastic cook and a wicked food critic so when she says it’s good, you better believe her.

Both the husband and I like the ‘pisang rebus/pisang kukus’ set. Dad calls it ‘makanan ย zaman perang’. Basically it’s fat juicy banana, steamed to perfection eaten with wickedly super spicy delicious sambal ikan bilis or sweetened ‘kelapa parut’


The pic is a bit blur as I was busy munching when I snapped this shot with my left hand. I find the sambal is the best I’ve found so far in a kopitiam. Others call theirs sambal as well but not spicy enough so what’s the point? heh :p


This place understands the true meaning of ‘menyambal’. This sambal is not for the faint tongue. Be warned!

Finally the tahu bakar. It’s our must have. Crispy, light, crunchy and the sauce is just nice!


Now my only grouse is that if ONLY they have old school prices as well….


8 thoughts on “About liking old school food

  1. A simple and lovely name: Chawan. I like that. It sounds like a place I like to hang out with friends for a cup of coffee and steamed banana. I remember Mak loved to feed us pisang rebus and kelapa parut on a rainy afternoon or for breakfast before school.

  2. yes I know Chawan . wasnt it a mamak or nasi kandar shop before it went upscale a little? looks like a nice place .And yes steamed bananas and coconut is a zaman perang food. My inlaws loved eating that. Thanks for sharing. will drop in at chawan n try your recommendations!:))

  3. Zurin,
    I think it was Devi’s Corner previously eh? I can’t really remember but yeah now it is Chawan…
    I think I should be going there again next week to try other old school food ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. In Bangsar. If you stay in KL city itself it is about Rm 10 to Rm 12 cab ride away ๐Ÿ™‚
    Bangsar Village is like the Holland Village of home ๐Ÿ™‚

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