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I have gotten a few inquiries with regards to my previous blog entry–in the last paragraph where I mentioned in passing about behavioral problems/cognitive development in correlation with the child’s diet and food intake. And some of my peers are asking where they can read more about it. Well my resources are mostly academic books in my line and it would be a bit of heavy duty reading and research. However, I found two easy readings pertaining to the topic at Borders here and I think they rightfully give parents the general idea of ‘rubbish input=rubbish output’.

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I have read parts of the book and found that Alex Richardson explained it clearly on how many roots of behavioral and later cognitive development problems stemmed from the very fact that children now are fed with nonsense, hence they in turn manifest it in their behavior.

The other one that I like is The Organic Baby Book, How to Plan and Raise a Healthy Child by Tanyia Maxted Frost.

The pictures online for this book is a tad too small but it is available on Amazon.

These days, many things are certified halal. But HE said in the scripture to eat what is “HALAL and GOOD“. Vegetables are halal but them being chemical laden, it’s not good. Halal slaughtered chickens and other meat are halal but them given hormone injections and gone through GMO process, is not good. Many snacks and titbits that the kids eat are stamped Halal by the various religious bodies but they contain high sugar, high salt content, msg, preservatives and what nots and they are not good. And all these manifest in the children, and ourselves hence causing many behavioral problems in the children and psychological problems in the adults.

When the saying goes “You are what you eat”, take note of it. For it is true and for more affirmations on it, go on grab them two books above 🙂 .


2 thoughts on “Reference point…

  1. wow…this is a good read (and a good topic discussion with the hb) we are trying to feed our kids organic stuffs as well. and the best we can afford cos organic aint’ cheap. ive just got this cookbook…Petit Appetit Cookbook. recipes look good enuff for adults to eat. their blog is also v interesting.

    of course there are some ppl who overdo it…toothbrush pon nak kena organic ke?

  2. Hi Norza,

    I think the people you meant overdoing it are the environmentalists and they practice organic living, for earth’s sake. When they use organic toothbrush, or organic t-shirts/cups etc, these things are biodegradable which do not give out toxic gas when burnt in the incinerator or buried in landfills underground, do not make the earth laden with poison compared to the normal plastic/synthetic materials hence a more sustainable earth for the future generations.

    Hope the explanation helps, not that I use organic toothbrush myself but I just happen to subscribe to organic magazines heh 🙂

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