The tiny baby snail on the kitchen sink

“Everything – even mountains, rivers, plants and trees – should be your teacher.”-Morihei Ueshiba O Sensei

I was going to take the evening shower just now when I noticed a tiny moving thing contrasted against the white bathroom sink. I thought it was the bug but it was a tad too small to be a bug, and it certainly didn’t move like one. It had an opaque shell. Two extremely tiny antennae protruded, almost precariously from its tiny, almost minute head. I squinted further, and I saw that it was a very tiny baby snail.

Those who have been to our place would first of all notice the colony of snails in our garden. Not that we purposely breed them, but they simply exist and multiply by the dozens. Some grew really big which more often than not invite exclaims and shrieks from our guests. Sometimes they give us a peaceful evening, when our friends’ kids take it upon themselves to do snail hunting, hence leaving the adults to their own accord for a peaceful dinner date at our dining table.

The snails seem to be attracted to the plants we have in our garden or whatever else organic stuff we throw while gardening. They would be part of the decomposing team, eating up our dead leaves, leftover dinners etc. They even eat papers mind you. As such, they co-exist with us peacefully, although there where are the occasional moments when yours truly unknowingly steps on them and had to deal with snail-ley mush on my shoes.

How this tiny baby snail got into our bathroom was beyond my comprehension. Our bathroom is far away from the garden, and this baby snail was alone sans any parents or bigger snails. So how did it land there?

Hence I had a ‘click’ moment. Tiny as that snail was, just like O-sensei said above, it should be my teacher. It is not just an insignificant baby snail thousands of miles away from home which landed on the bathroom sink ( in its world, the distance from my garden to the sink is probably in ratio proportionate to that of the distance from earth to the moon ). Indeed it was there to teach me that nothing in this life is impossible. That some day, I too will find myself in a place or situation which I would find so surreal I wouldn’t be able to imagine now. For example, ten years ago, I wouldn’t think I would be seriously studying martial arts in lieu of making it my career change option. But I am here now, feeling like the tiny snail on the bathroom sink–surreal.


7 thoughts on “The tiny baby snail on the kitchen sink

  1. Hi! I was looking for your about page but there was none. You are an observant person. I was wondering where on earth did I let

    Please don’t tell me you’re 19. Because I’m not. lol.

    interesting blog. keep going.

    hope u try the cake.I get my stuff at …yes..bake with yen and its other outlet at ss23 or Chang Tung at ss23 too.

    let me know how it turns out 🙂 n Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I don’t like snails in my garden because they eat my veg. =C Susah-susah bela sayur habis semua kene makan.

  3. what martial arts are you learning? (you must be only 25 then if youre still learning martial arts) if its karate who is your sensei?

    I oso LEARNT (past tense)… brown belt konon…….and the rest they history.

  4. heh…i started learning karate in my thirties too…that was like so long ago! but im still limb,lithe, agile, nimble, flexible, supple… all those straight out from the thesaurus.

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