They say…

Did I hear correctly ? That there was supposed to be an invasion of sorts? That Indonesia is going to invade Malaysia like today or is it tomorrow?

heh :P, as I said to a friend and on my twit, I hope the invaders ‘tapau’ for me a set of Nasi Uduk and a carton of  Teh Sostro for me while I sit and watch the whole saga. Like director Ahmad Nisfu said in Seniman Bujang Lapok, ” Aku takde kene mengene dalam ini gambarrrr !!!”

On another note, yesterday was a sad day. I follow CNA on twitter and sometime in the mid afternoon, got a twit that the mosque in which I got married in was on fire. And today friends who are staff of that mosque reported that the damage to be quite bad. Luckily the kindergarten operating at the mosque managed to evacuate all the children out and only a man got injured, which is bad enough. If the 14 year old kid who was arrested in lieu of this incident is indeed guilty, I do hope he realizes that he could  have potentially kill a whole kindy of children with his mischief.

The mosque did not only have sentimental values for me because of our union there, indeed it was the platform of  too many of my spiritual journeys. The qiyamulails during Ramadan in the 90s, the camps we had there as youth leaders, I’ve had iftars and sahurs there, courses there, Thursday night zikrs there, one of my best friends was proposed at the front of that mosque… too many memories indeed. So it was kinda sad to read the news yesterday with pictures of the blazing fire.

I hope it will be restored, but it will not be same. Not as we have known it, for sure.


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