About Pariaman

Since I was in primary school, I’ve always, always loved the trip to Warung Pariaman on Kandahar Street, Kampung Glam ( in Singapore ) for lunch. It would be a highlight, those once in a while lunch trips out with my parents on a weekday ( too full on weekends and by 2 pm usually most dishes were already sold out ). I love their ‘ayam putih’ which is actually the Ayam Kelio dish, the signature dish for this eatery and even as a kid, I had extra servings of rice during our trips there.

In adulthood, that Warung Pariaman served as a ‘lunch lepak port’ for my fellow foodie friends/colleagues and we would literally race one another there–whoever reached there first, must ‘chope’ place for everyone and must ‘chope’ the ‘ayam putih’ dish first.

Image taken from here.

Those were the days. The days when the aroma of the Ayam Kelio dish made us all oblivious that this Warung Pariaman was set up by the family who hailed from Pariaman, Padang. Today, Pariaman is in rubbles. Or worse than that.

Yesterday, I got a note from a friend who is active with some NGOs back in my hometown in humanitarian work, about the trip some of her friends are making to Pariaman ( the area in Padang, not the warung where you can eat nasi padang! ) . They are going to do some humanitarian work there for the quake victims. If anyone of you thinks that you would want a finger or a whole arm in helping these quake victims, you can contact them directly ( kindly email me and I will supply you with their emails and phone numbers and the banner which they will be going under ). $ 4 can get a person a sarong which many of them need as the basic clothing especially in the tents they are provided with as temporary shelter.

Cliché as it may sound, for whatever downside of life we are facing, if you are able to read this,  you are still way far better off than those this post is all about. Perhaps each of us can do a teeny-weeny bit of charity that can go a long way for these people. After all, we have taken so much from them. ( ? !)

Like how you ask me? Well, in your lifetime, how many times have your tummies been filled with yummilicious burp inducing Nasi Padang you tell me?!  Heh.. 😛


2 thoughts on “About Pariaman

  1. Sometimes we take for granted the very basic amenities we have here… I for one sometimes forget that there are other people who are in dire need… Astaghfirullah…

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