Seriously, ye ye orh!

It is depressing enough looking at the sheer volume of deaths in the papers since yesterday from the Padang earthquake. The photos not only say a thousand words, they probably caused a million tears to those whose families and friends are part of the death toll. But what I found more depressing was that last night, a student’s father, a 63 year old ‘uncle’ passed out a dogmatic comment on why the earthquake happened, thoroughly oblivious to the gravity of pain and suffering of the quake victims, their families and friends.

‘Haaa.. that’s why lah. These people in Padang now are all beginning to commit maksiat! See what happens to them. See how Allah punishes them!!!’

I had wanted to blurt out that if that’s the case, KL should be hit first ( God forbid ) what with the Bukit Bintang, Chow Kit area and all the corruptions in the politics and I can go on and on. But I didn’t. I just sniggered and let him go on and on with his judgement on why Padang was hit by the earthquake. None of the reasons he cited had anything to do with geography. And I ‘wonder’ why.

earthquake2I am sure that they may also be wondering why of all people the earthquake is upon them. Saying in a ‘ you deserve it because your community commits maksiat’ manner is a bit too tasteless, I feel.


3 thoughts on “Seriously, ye ye orh!

  1. satu masa kampung saya kena banjir besar, sorang makcik ni cakap “sebab org kampung tu tak bayar zakat padi”. terasa ke lubuk hati sampai hari ni setiap kali nampak muka dia.

  2. makcik pakcik banyak comment gitu. actually my own mum also…lol..and i cant help but say, like dat singapore pun nanti kena, ada buat casino..heh

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