Merry making, et al

So many bloggers have updated their blogs about their Eid/Raya this year with colorful photos of happy families etc. Our Eid was in Singapore for about a week. 2 days of Ramadan there and 4 days plus of Shawal and I had a blast. I ate and ate ( ok, that’s nothing new about me ). I ate every 2 hours. I fulfilled all my food wish list, all the 15 of them too! Accidentally, we left our trusty camera at home which means we had to wait for others to take photos of our trip and send them to us.

If the hadith stated that the happiest period for a person who fasts is during the break-fast time and the Eid, I must say that I was indeed happiest during this Eid. I saw all my family members who are healthy and happy. I saw for the first time the new nephew, my nyai’s first ever great-grandchild and he is oh-so-handsome at 2 weeks old! I saw a much slimmer mum, who lost like 13 kg in an exercise regiment she signed up for, and boy! She looked in the neon pink of health! I met an ex-colleague for late night latte at CoffeeBean on the eve of raya, someone whom I have not seen in 6 years and was my travel mate when we were both teaching in the same school. On another day, I had a 3 hour girlfriends reunion, some of whom I have not seen for years at Fika Halal Swedish Cafe on Beach Road and we ‘pot-pet-pot-pet’ the time away which felt like 3 minutes.

I was happy! happy! But too short, I feel for 6 days to be in a hometown in which I have so much to do, so much to catch up on. The FAQ is always– why don’t I come back more often since it is quite near, just a 5 hour drive down. I would if I could, but I can’t. I applied for Malaysian PR and for that I can’t go back to my home country for more than twice a year ( immigration officer said so ) for my PR to be approved faster. Like it takes 5 years? I don’t have to apply for PR, really, since we’ve never wanted to be rooted to any one place as part of our ‘plans’. But I want to. I want to be a Malaysian PR because at the end of the day, this place really offers lots of opportunities which will get me nearer to my goals with a PR status. I can go to any other countries, but my hometown visit has a quota per year limit. AND for that, I go back and bask in all these beautiful things like once a year? No pain no gain, so it’s ok. We always tend to appreciate things better when we have very little of it. I have very little family contact so when I do meet them, it’s always a blast!

I wish I have photos but I have to wait for the rest to send me what they have taken. I tapau-ed sarabat from the corner shop at Arab Street and their famous Sugi Bhai back, konon nye the sugi can be for the guests of our home later. But by the time we reach BU, only the plastic was left and yours truly was feeling the guilt-laden glee with mouth covered with crumbs. Ooops!

The husband started training again yesterday. I refused to go, too embarrassed at the extra spare parts post one week in Singapore. Perhaps after I’ve paid back my fasting debts and ‘puasa 6’ then I dare show up at the dojo. Otherwise I look too much like kung fu Panda and it ain’t cute.


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