Goodbye, Shaykh…

Thank you for all your guidance, your nasihat, your listening ear, your awesome funny lessons, your presence at the zikr session at MasjidKampungSiglap where I had my akad nikah, and for gracing my wedding, for your prayers when I felt down, for introducing and guiding me to traditional Islam, for teaching the newcomers to Islam the way you did, for assisting us in our work for them. Thank you for all of that. May you rest in peace, may Allah bless your soul and put it amongst those whom are pious and amongst His beloved. May Allah continue to bless the family you left behind, your grandchildren whom I used to teach, and for your daughter and son-in- law who are amongst our best friends here. Dear Shaykh, you know you will be sorely missed. By all your students. Thank you so much. Al Fatihah.

shaykh zakaria baghrib 1

Shaykh Zakaria Bagharib, passed away this morning, Friday 25th September 2009 in Singapore


2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Shaykh…

  1. salaam,
    eid mubarak.

    yes, missed him so much esp his laughter, his unforgettable lessons, his wisdom and teachings to mualaf like me.
    may Allah bless him ! ameen!

  2. Salam bro Firdaus,
    Yeah things will not be the same again I guess for D.A and the zikr session at MKS…he died on a Friday morning, alhamdulillah.
    We miss him already!

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