neun neun neun

Murphy’s Law, to put it simply states that “anything that can go wrong, went wrong”. I had a bit of Muphy-ism on the neun/neun/neun 090909 day today.

First it was a student who screwed up his exams, and then a situation which threatened quite a bit of problem as it involved a shipment of goods not arriving on time and one or two personal stuffs which chose to surface today, of all days.

However I surprised myself with my own reaction or rather, the lack of it. On most occasions, a bullish arisian like myself would — well, go on one of these : 1) highly charged emotional rampage, 2)  fret/fret/fret 3) panic 4) have a headache or stomach upset due to stress. Somehow none of those happened. I found myself remembering what I learnt in aikido about not allowing multiple attacks overwhelm myself but to just focus on my centre and treat multiple attacks as simply “many opponents but just one attack.” With that, my focus is just on one attack instead of getting distracted with the many opponents. With that, I can relax and tackle one opponent one at a time because truly, although many, they are all one kind ( opponent ) against me.

So with that, somehow I managed to stay calm and then forced myself to repeat the mantra ‘ I’m fasting, I’m fasting, I’m fasting’ in my head till it ached. I reminded myself that yes there are many problems, but they are all one kind ( all collectively known as problems ). I did pull the “i’m so disappointed in you emotional blackmailing speech upon the screwed up student which made him bawl his eyes out”— it is a teaching skill which only comes with practice ( followed by sheer private glee later when the student is not looking ).  I didn’t hang him upside down, even if that thought momentarily did cross my mind, he is still in one piece now, thankfully ( for him ).

I iftar alone, which was not a problem really because it’s not the first time the husband had Ramadan functions in his campus. But right after that, there was a problem, Houston. My blood almost drained out of my face when I got news of the problems with the couriers etc. All I could say was that I was going to do ‘solat hajat’. Almost shaking, I took my wudhu’, did my maghrib and begged a long prayer for the problem to be solved. Then I finished Surah Shu’ar’a, the 26th Surah on the Quran as I am there in my reading now in my quest to khatam by the end of Ramadan. I was going to do solat hajat later, I thought. Barely 10 minutes after I put the Quran down, I got a phonecall to tell me that the problems are solved! Just like that!  How swift was my prayer answered…Glory be to HIM, as He promised on the last ten days of Ramadan. It was surreal.

And now, it is down to the other 2 personal challenges that is creeping up on me. But I am relaxed and come what may, I realised it is better not to worry but to divert my energy ( aiki ) to seeking HIS help. When I am relaxed, I think better. And when I am relaxed, I accept.  And when I accept, I can tackle one problem at one go while focusing on one centre, HIM. Acceptance, as I learnt today lifted a whole huge burden off one’s shoulders. Today I learnt the true meaning of ‘pasrah’.

Thanks to faith and aikido, the husband’s already thining hair is still very much intact ( each time I fret, it seems to go thinner.. heh 😛 ) despite the threatening Murphy’s Law rain clouds hovering over me on this neun neun neun neun day.


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