It’s her candyland in her barbie world…

A few days ago, I received an email in my mailbox from Minah, one of the coolest ‘makcikrock’ I’ve known back from my hometown. It pointed to me to the news site and the article written by KhartiniKhalid on TheMalaysianInsiderdotcom entitled Proud To be A Malay Singaporean. I read it once, as a passing through and wrote a reply to Minah saying well, it is a nice article, after all, Khartini-“THE Malay Singaporean” is indeed articulate and there was a somewhat coherent flow to her article. Fair enough.

Then I read her article again, this time for content. And again. And again. And I couldn’t help but felt 3 things–it was 1) defensive, 2) myopic and 3) plastic. At some points, I was left sniggering, sometimes wondering which cocoon has she just emerged from, especially the part she related her “one week experience in a kampung in Negri Sembilan”.

While not trying to judge her on her social and wandering radius, had I not been a Singaporean and never been to Singapore, just from her article –I’d have to be forgiven if I have the impression that Singapore is this utopic multicultural “candyland” where every facet of multiculturalism is “oh so perfect and good la di da”. Which we all do know that is not all true, but which the good soul KhartiniKhalid found it imperative to defend herself as, not just as a Singaporean mind you, but a Malay one at it.

Just when I thought I was the only one feeling this way, because after all I have left the island for a while already, AlfianSaat came along with a brilliant piece of article, which somewhat echoed many of the sentiments I had after I was done sniggering to Khartini’s.

KhartiniKhalid’s article can be found here.

AlfianSaat’s articile can he found here.

Oh well…


3 thoughts on “It’s her candyland in her barbie world…

  1. If not wrong she’s part of the local grassroot movement in her constituency, very active and quite vocal. Wrote several articles for ST and BH…still i find her a bit too “PAPish”????

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