A love story, a reflection, an excitement and everything else

You know it has got to be something about it when friends from Vancouver to Paris to Singapore to Australia yelled at me over the facebook not to give spoilers until they catch the episode on tv3 catch up tv. By now, many women of the households, and surprisingly many who do not, on normal circumstances even follow Malay dramas on tv– are hooked onto it. So KhabirBhattia & FaisalIshak made the awesome collaboration with the production of NurKasih, which had made many household come to a standstill while the female ( especially, altho I have friends’ husbands and fathers hooked onto it too ) glued either to channel tv3 on Friday nights, or hogged the computers to watch the catch up tv online.

The series has really good dialogue, beautiful settings, easy on the eyes cast and seamless plot development. For someone who does not tolerate sappy Malay dramas easily as I always find them either too slow, too dramatic or B grade, Nur Kasih had me stuck onto it like a leech, asking for more, more more! That is has a beautiful soundtrack is a plus point as well. For the  longest time, myself and fellow girlfriends have not been giggling over whatever we watch on tv as most of my closest girlfriends have been scattered far and wide around the globe, NurKasih bound us again in that ‘eh the hero is cute sey’ ‘ ooh i love that scene’ mode.  Heh… juvenile, I know. But that was what NurKasih did to us.

Anyway, what I had actually wanted to say was that a scene in NurKasih gave me a little wake up pinch on the shoulder yesterday, when the main character Nur asked her employer why is that at this point of her life, everything seems to be going all wrong for her. To which, came the poignant reminder that sometimes, we draw the wrong things/happenings towards us by us committing wrong things ourselves, and the troubles are God’s little ways of giving us little nudges to say ‘hello wake up and come back!’. It is something we experience many times, but somehow, impatience and ignorance led us to fret more and blame anyone we can find to blame, without looking at the root of what is causing the problems in the first place. Which is ourselves.

It is mid Ramadan now, so what have I achieved this year? We iftar at the surau everyday on the first week. I fell very ill in the 2nd week due to overwork–teaching by day, translating by night. Being a workaholic during the fasting month took a toil on my body, and the illness, as I reflected upon yesterday, is His way of telling me take a step back and nurture my health back. And for that I am thankful. We continued training aikido throughout Ramadan, terawih at the dojo if it is night training. There is something ‘syiok’ about terawih-ing together  in the ‘gi’ & ‘hakama’ –(i.e the aikido outfits), and then train together. The camaraderie felt a bit like ‘ samurai wannabe’  sensation.

I am two weeks away from going back to my hometown and I am excited like hell. Ok sorry. Hell ain’t exciting in this holy month but you get the point. I planned the trip back home with military precision, what to eat, when to eat what, who to see and what time to go where. It is not about being anal, but with 15 items on my food wish list, I do have to make some ‘important’ preparations. And of course, catching up with family and friends whom I have not seen since last raya.

And oh! I got a new nephew today! Rather yesterday, on 5th September. The first one in the family too, so yes it has been an exciting Ramadan :p albeit the illness.


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