The holy cow and 50 ninkampoops

The whole lot of us were at the usual kopitiam which we usually go to after every Friday night’s training. Our dojo gang, I would always refer it to and made up of people of different colours, races, nationalities and religions united under the banner of aikido.

Just as our orders arrived, one of us, scrolling through his smartphone related to us the news update of the incident in which a group of men, marched a protest in Shah Alam against building a Hindu temple by putting a cow head as their ‘masterpiece’ of their protest march. Instantaneously, that brought about lashing responses from all of us, none of whom are Hindus ourselves. Firstly, it was a severely bad case of hitting below the belt. Secondly, it was tastelessly done. Thirdly, it was done after Friday prayers in the month of Ramadan by the people whom supposedly the are bearers of a peaceful faith. And lastly, it was insulting– not just to the Hindus mind you, but to the faith of Islam, for Islam never teaches its followers to be as disgraceful as this.

The scene at Shah Alam on Friday afternoon

I was embarressed, not only as a Muslim, but also as a foreigner on Malaysian soil whose good name of the country myself and fellow non- Malaysian communities here vehemently defended many times in the faces of our own countrymates back in our own homelands much to their chagrin. As we always reason out with people who verbally slash Malaysia with the sharpest tongue ‘boken’ ( a long Japanese sword used by samurais ) they can muster in their oral capacity– that Malaysia is much, much more than just what its negative image has to offer and it needs to be looked at and experienced with discerning eyes, hearts and minds. So much so for our diplomatic ( albeit teeny weeny bit and extremely tiny ) efforts in being its mobile ambassadors! Yesterday, yet again we were left disappointed and frustrated. And yes, alot angry.

Previously, before this house we are living in,  in the old place, we had an old helper who cleaned our house 3 times a week. She is Hindu and we would trust all our worldly possessions with her. Such was our relationship with her. Those times, on the days she was coming, I made it a point not to cook any beef–not that she would mind and also it was our place that she was working in, but as a respect for her, for she was more than just a helper, she was an endearing ‘aunty’, friend, caretaker and yes, of course a super efficient house helper whose services we employed. The two occasions we visited her during Diwali, she made it a point to cook an all halal menu. Such was her relationship with us. So excuse my earnest outrage over this incident. I found it purely daft and I am sure, many others here especially the majority factions of the Muslim Malaysia feel the same way too.

The last time I felt this way was during the stabbing incident in Dresden, Germany. But as the husband puts in, at least there was an open reaction against the ShahAlam incidents by Malaysians especially the Malay/Muslim communities here, the government etc. There was not such an outcry in Germany over the Dresden court incident, and for that, he was embarressed.

But I do wonder, on that Friday, where was the ever ready ‘Skuad Khas Pertahanan Awam’ ? Or the special force unit–the ones always ever ready to spray protestors with tear gas and water to stop whatever protests happening on the streets here? Cause I sure feel those 50 ninkampoops and their tasteless cowhead parade deserve those water canons and tear gas more than anything else.


5 thoughts on “The holy cow and 50 ninkampoops

  1. Sangat setuju dengan setiap lempar kata yang ditulis oleh engkau. Satu provokasi yang sangat tidak beradap dan biadap. Moga Allah memberi mereka hidayah dan menyedarkan mereka bahawa apa yang mereka lakukan tidak pernah dan tidak mungkin diajar oleh agama kita.

  2. Sometimes it always amazes me that how much ‘religious’ knowledge these zealots know, but fail to truly understand the other things around them…

  3. Percicilan,
    When the first time I read the incident I was beyond words. Angry, apalled, shocked (no, no,no……., actually I no longer shocked of some of Malays stupidity and ignorance behavior) and finally the sadness that took me over.
    How do we get to this point?

  4. “Where was the ever ready ‘Skuad Khas Pertahanan Awam’ ? Or the special force unit–the ones always ever ready to spray protestors with tear gas and water to stop whatever protests happening on the streets here?”

    Anyone can answer?


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