A bus-loadful of wishes

We have a zinc roof top and it pitter patters as the rain drops on it, which is like right now. Especially if I am working away at night in our home office, which is like the attic part of the house- more of like the mezzanine floor of sorts.

I love it each time I am in our office or library and it rains, especially if it rains hard like right now. And when it rains hard like right now, the best thing to do is to make a busload of wishes. In other cultures, it is always make a wish upon a rainbow or a shooting star. And your wish will come true. But for the people of my faith, when it rains, it is one of the best time to make supplications and ask for anything good we wish for, as during the rain, it is one of the two times our supplications ( or laymen speak: wish list ) will not be rejected as it was said in this hadith :

During The Rain:

Narrated Sahel Ibn Saad (may Allah be pleased with him); that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said:

Two will not be rejected, Supplication after the Adhan (call of prayer) and at the time of the rain. [Reported by Al-Hakim and Abu Dawood].

Just like that ‘Faraway Tree and Wishing Chair’ we read about in Enid Blyton books when we were kids, where the characters just need to make the wish and all will be granted. This works along the same way, I guess– the only difference is that, we ask directly from HIM, the One and Only.

So, excuse me, while I go and make my busloadful of wishes. Yeah, I have THAT much to ask for..


4 thoughts on “A bus-loadful of wishes

  1. Tks for sharing the hadith. I didn’t know about the making of dua during rain. Only knew about the first half of the hadith.

  2. Hey.

    If I tell you what I think of when it rains, you will ban me from visiting your site =D

    Anyways, other favourite things to do while is raining is go for a walk, and come back all drenched, which I did do just two weeks ago.

  3. Ailin..
    Hmmm I wonder what! 🙂

    Another thing I like to do when it rains is go under the blankie, teh panas on the side and a really good book! 😛

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