Oh Khatirah!

Kathirah… to the untrained ears, that may just sound like some nice Muslim/Malay name of a girl. It goes with the variations of Nur Khatirah, Siti Khatirah, Syarifah Khatirah, Nurul Khatirah and the list goes on.

But it is way past midnight now, I am burning midnight oil yet again translating as deadline is this weekend, and I will surely be dead if I don’t get it done. And Khatirah has been swirling in my head at the moment. Not just any Khatirah. The Khatirah from MasjidKassim. The Khatirah that costs just $1.50 but its richness is worth every cent it demands from me.

Kathirah. It’s that yummy milky drink with whatever fillings inside. I can hardly find it here. Β In fact I don’t think I ever found it in the pasar Ramadan in my neighbourhood. But years ago, I used to frequent doing my tarawih prayers at MasjidKassim and I had a bottle every single night of Ramadan.

*Sigh* Get back to work damnit!


6 thoughts on “Oh Khatirah!

  1. Wish I could send some over to you! My parents just had their Air Kathirah dose yesterday ~hehe. Unfortunately, I don’t drink Air Kathirah, so I can’t share your enthusiasm.

    Oh, and I just had to add that reading your entry title made me sing “Oh Khatirah” to the tune of A Ramlie’s “Oh Fatimah…” πŸ˜› Very random, I know.

  2. Ovenhaven,
    Thanks for the thought of sending over to me. Heh I was just mulling. Late night work.
    And yes, the title was an intended pun to P.Ramlee’s. Glad you caught it πŸ˜›

  3. one whole jug of homemade air kathirah still standing inside the frig since Sun… with lots of bunga kembang semangkuk, biji selasih & of course the kathirah.. wish i could send it over to you..

  4. Masjid Kassim doesn’t have it anymore. They have a totally new look this year. No bazaar outside. New “guest” imam. Very nice, easy going reading. Alhamdulillah….

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