Two days ago I experienced a miracle. I was the ‘mak bidan’ to our Tito’s labour.

To put it shortly, the younger of our two cats, Tito gave birth. It was surreal. Firstly because all along we thought of Tito as a boy. Even all his records at KlinikHaiwanDrYeoh had the word MALE. Until a couple of months back we caught Tito and Milo mating, and we started having doubts about Tito’s gender. Tito has always been fat so we were also wondering if that mating had caused any pregnancy or not.

It was two nights ago that Tito managed to cajol me into going to the empty compartment of the rack of shelves in our room. Soon, two paws clutched my fingers and Tito started to shiver and ‘meneran‘. That was when our final confirmation that Tito is a girl and that she was in labour. Her labour lasted for two hours. The husband gave up after the first ten minutes and went on to watch Artificial Intelligence on tv, ย while I was left to attend to the natural labour of our naturally conceived creature instead. For two hours I sat next to her, letting her soft paws clutched on my fingers and at the end of the two hours, while I was already drooping off to la-la land, her clutches became more intense. With the other hand I dialed the husband’s number on my mobile, whispering into it for him to come into the room pronto. He came in time just in time to see tiny paws and a slimy body, blood and all other gooey stuffs out of Tito’s bottom while Tito, our baby all these while whimpered in pain.

48 hours later, today…all the kittens died one after another. They were too weak to survive. As we read up, the kittens, born from siblings of the same mother, same father i.e products of accidental inbreeding will be too weak to survive. That made our first Ramadan a bit ‘sayu’, having to bury these cute little things one by one in our garden.

However, the experience of being a part of the labour process of our Tito, especially for me was so surreal. I was cheering her on with PUSH TITO !! PUSH!!! while she meoweedd and huffed and puffed while STILL holding on to MY fingers.

So now we are back to just the two of them. Oh well it’s ok…destiny you say? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Just some memory trip I would like to take from the LAST Ramadan..when Tito was still a kitten herself and looks up to big brother Milo for just about everything…

Definition of COPY CAT. Tito copies everything elder brother Milo did, even the way he sleeps..

Milo likes to smother Tito with wet licks and kisses, and even use her sometimes a his bolster as seen up here

Tito, taken in December 2008


5 thoughts on “Surrealism

  1. Tak per. Memang mula-mula camtu. Aku punya kucing masa mula-mula beranak pun camtu gak. Sekor-sekor mati. Sedih giler dan rasa macam terkilan sebab tengok dorang tu masa kecik-kecik comel ya amat. Bila dah masuk kali kedua, mak dia dah pandai camna nak jaga budak-budak tu.

  2. Err ya.. at the expense of her dead kittens ๐Ÿ˜›
    But definitely, we stopped referring to Tito as He/She/It in one sentence hehe

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