” I’ve made up my mind,” I told him one night as we ( or rather him ) were just about to call it a day and succumb to slumber.

“What about? ” he asked almost half asleep. In that mode, I knew that even if I had told him I wanted to paint the house neon pink, he would say yes, albeit sleepily.

” I’ve made up my mind that my next career change  from what I am now, I want to be an aikido sensei! ”

I got him. That woke him up a bit. His voice sounded fresher and not so sleepy anymore. ” Ok! May it be made easy for you. And I will be your first student!!!”

That is far-fetched because he is of higher ranking than myself in this art and the idea of him being my student is a bit off. But I was gleeful at the full support. Had I said this to my own family that my next career change would be that into a martial arts teacher, the first things I anticipate would be ” Giler ke!” or ” Jangan merepek lah!” or any other negative things I can think about. As long as one is not in the mainstream and following  the masses, in my hometown and in my big family, it is a no go.

But this time, the response seems to say ”  I will get you there!” and with full enthusiasm too.

I must have done something right somewhere, I think. 🙂

p.s God, thank you for marrying me to this bloke, wherever you’ve plucked him from. 😛


2 thoughts on “Karma

  1. Percicilan,
    If I were in Malaysia, I would be your second student :))
    Forget about the mainstream. We got to flow in our own stream. Don’t have own stream, build one, right?:))

  2. Right !!!!
    If M.Nasir had stayed back on that island, he would still be another person trying to make ends meet probably at err PSA? Seagates? heh
    You get what I mean.. 😉

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