Of things unrelated

Very often, the book is always better than the film. But I watched Laskar Pelangi on YouTube last night. Friends from the IT line chided me with the ‘piracy is a crime/sin’ emotional blackmail. But that aside, the film was as poignant as the book. I think it is imperative for parents/teachers and students and others who value education to either watch the film or read the book, IMHO. I laughed, cried and was inspired. Teaching, as I realised is not a profession but a passion. And education, something most of our well-do-to urban kids take for granted and sometimes even think of as a chore, is a luxury for many unfortunate others. I was terribly humbled.

Brought a guest from home to BangsarAlexis@Telawi3 and this time we had Tiramisu and Mixed Berries Meringue. Kinda gave us the knocked off by the truck feeling. It was good. No–it was marvellous. And just realised NasiLemakAntarabangsaKampungBharu opens another joint in Bangsar. They recently opened one in KotaDamansara where we had our lunch couple of days back. It is nice to see them doing great. But to be honest, I find the nasi lemak not too fantastic. At least it does not keep up to the hype about it. Maybe I am bias because ChangiVillageNasiLemak has always been my thing. Nassir, a mate from back home is crazy about NasiLemakAntarabangsaKampungBharu and will make sure he goes there for every trip here, and even tapau it back to the hotel. None of us can understand his obsession and addiction to this very day.

I got an autographed syairmelayu cd, a compilation of songs from childhood malay songs like ikankekek, neneksibongkoktiga– songs I used to sing when I was a kid–from the singer himself who happened to be a dear old friend from the past. Thanks dude. And thanks to Minah for bringing it here.

Is CoenzymeQ10 supplement supposed to be very expensive here? It seems to be. Been to a few pharmacists and they all looked so costly for a bottle of 30 tablets.

Tunisian dates are better tasting than the Iranian ones, at least to myself and the husband. I am not a date person unless it means a romantic dinner out with the significant other. If it is the fruit, I would rather pass. But surprisingly, I bond rather well  to the Tunisian dates which are not too sweet.

While at Alexis just now, a lady walked in wearing a blouse full of bling bling and we can’t help but wonder isn’t 12 noon a bit too early for such a Christmas dinner outfit?

All things unrelated. As some mates jest, that in my focus to find my centre – my otak pun dah tak centre. Personal dojo mates joke.


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