A REALLY bad marriage

I love chocolates. And I cannot live without chili. But marry them together, I scream for ( their ) divorce!

I can eat the most spiciest ( bad English, but get the idea already? ) of chili padi and any red and fiery sambal dishes. But I can’t take this. Not because it is hot and spicy ( which usually equates to yum and tasty for me ) but because it’s hot and spicy and tastes bad. Dark chocolates and fiery red pepper just doesn’t go together, IMHO.

Though I have to admit, the colour combination does look good.


6 thoughts on “A REALLY bad marriage

  1. Salam Maam
    On Astro Channel 703, I see that they make sauce out of chocolate for roast and steaks. And I think they mixed chocolate and chilli peppers too into sauces
    Like you, I prefer them individually.

  2. Salaam Fauziah,
    There were some brands I tasted before this one which turned out not bad.. probably because the ones I tasted the chili is already blended into the chocolates so it didn’t taste as bad. This particular brand puts the chili on top and makes one ‘tersedak’ and the after taste is just so bad..

  3. whoa….chocolat and red chillies, what a combination. I don’t like chocolat (but I love the movie, Chocolat), so I don’t think I’ll even try it.

  4. wahh Anna, you are the first person yang I kenal tak suka chocolate.. πŸ™‚
    Btw, I love the firlm Chocolat too ! πŸ™‚

  5. i have a hot choc mix that has a tint of chilli. choc-chilli hot choc drink! but only had one mug of it..not a fan of choc n chilli combi too.

  6. Is,

    Gross aint’s it?
    It seems to be culinary fashion these days, this combi, which makes me wonder why.. bukan nyer sedap pun!

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