Goodbye, Sir

I was a struggling student when I read Angela’s.Ashes and was an even more pathetic struggling student when I read the sequel, Tis. All I knew was back then, at that point of  time, his life struggles growing up in Ireland were heartwrenching, and mine was nowhere close. I had wanted to go to Ireland because of him, of course knowing that he is in U.S now. But the way he wrote about Ireland, although gloomy as his childhood was as such, it gave a very raw picture of Ireland that one cannot help wonder, what must it be like to be there. And he gave me many ideas and inspirations with Teacher.Man which I read just a couple of years back.

He passed away at 78, yesterday.  To me, he is one damn good writer, a greater teacher and someone whom I don’t mind reading again and again.

Rest in peace, sir.

FrankMcCourt, writer-teacher and everything else. Died at 78 in Manhattan Hospice New York City.


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