Over oneself

If there is one important thing I learnt the whole of last week, for 7 full days under Sensei.H is that the concept of ” Masakatsu Agatsu”, which means ‘the true victory, is the victory over oneself’ which is the fundamental principle of aikido as practiced by the founder O-sensei. It is a belief system where if you calmly maintain control over yourself, you will not only find a way to control the opponent but will also be able to control the situation before drastic action is necessary. There will be no need to consider winning or losing, since there will be no contest. Both sides will be winners — the would-be attacker who didn’t need to attack and the would-be defender who didn’t need to defend.

Basically, Masakatsu Agatsu is the concept of crushing one’s ego and reducing oneself to ‘nothing’, hence when we have ‘nothing’ or is ‘nothing’, it is easier to let go of anything and everything. Which brings about the state of calmness in dealing with our opponents and have a harmonious relationship with them.

The one week intensive training, for  full 7 days is finally over. We have learnt alot, humbled too much and have a greater understanding of things in this art. Along the way we fostered brotherhood amongst fellow students and learnt more about them outside the dojo, expanded our waistline by heaps as we never missed going for midnight suppers after training, which always ends after 11 pm or even later. It has been an awesome week.

And oh btw, Ice Age 3, to me is the funniest of the lot. heh 🙂


2 thoughts on “Over oneself

  1. Thanks Is 🙂
    It is a way for me to remember what I learn. Because on the mats of the dojo the super geek me cannot bring notebook and paper so everything has to depend on memory 😛

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