Bangau oh bangau!

Yesterday’s announcement by the education ministry here created quite a pandemonium amongst many, especially at the coffee shops. While all along I was for it to be revert back to BM in kebangsaan schools and Mandarin and Tamil in the respective Chinese and Indian kebangsaan schools, as an outsider, I am not in the position to comment much. However, as an observer, I cannot help but notice that the reactions of the people here, including the reactions of the politicians, reminds me, uncannily too I must add, of this song… Bangau oh Bangau… remember that one?

Bangau oh bangau,
kenapa engkau kurus?

macam-mana aku tak kurus,
ikan tak mahu timbul – ikan tak mahu timbul

ikan oh ikan,
kenapa engkau tak timbul?

macam-mana aku nak timbul,
rumput panjang sangat – rumput panjang sangat

rumput oh rumput,
kenapa engkau panjang?

macam-mana aku tak panjang,
kerbau tak makan aku – kerbau tak makan aku

kerbau oh kerbau,
kenapa tak makan rumput?

macam-mana aku nak makan,
perut aku sakit – perut aku sakit

perut oh perut,
kenapa engkau sakit?

macam-mana aku tak sakit,
makan nasi mentah – makan nasi mentah

nasi oh nasi,
kenapa engkau mentah?

macam-mana aku tak mentah,
api tak mahu menyala – api tak mahu menyala

api oh api,
kenapa engkau tak mahu menyala?

macam-mana aku nak menyala,
kayu api basah – kayu api basah

kayu oh kayu,
kenapa engkau basah?

macam-mana aku tak basah,
hujan timpa aku – hujan timpa aku

hujan oh hujan,
kenapa timpa kayu?

macam-mana aku tak timpa,
katak panggil aku – katak panggil aku

katak oh katak,
kenapa panggil hujan?

macam-mana aku tak panggil,
ular nak makan aku – ular nak makan aku

ular oh ular,
kenapa nak makan katak?

macam-mana aku tak makan,
memang makanan aku – memang makanan aku!!!


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